Red Bull with the first real update, Aston Martin with a copy?  Technology look at Japan

Red Bull with the first real update, Aston Martin with a copy? Technology look at Japan

Japan is only the fourth race of the new Formula 1 season, and the farthest overseas event, but that doesn’t stop even the Red Bull super team from doing its first real overhaul. The Aston Martin has also undergone major revisions, including a side box that resembles last year’s Red Bull. Updates have not changed yet. In the case of Red Bull, this adjustment was planned before the start of the season.

Red Bull: There is no great architecture from the leaders of the world championship, but there is something worth mentioning on the sidepod. As is well known, Red Bull takes a completely new approach here in 2024 with its hidden top lane and second vertical entry. The air intakes of the main radiator in the side pod have been modified in search of efficiency, i.e. the new shape should be in place with high pressure. This also made it possible to reduce the outflow area. Results also include adjustments under the hood.

Red Bull from the side of Australia (top) and Japan (bottom), Photo: LAT Images

The cooling systems of the front brakes are also small, but this is due to the way. Suzuka puts less demand on the brakes. The bottom part at least has been reworked. It remains mechanical, but on the one hand the area of ​​the main body has been slightly improved to provide more load. On the side, the “Edge Wing”, a wing-like element, has been redesigned for the same purpose and has more camber.

  • Changed access points for radiators placed in the side box
  • The maximum wing angle
  • Improvement of the basement area
  • Less cooling of the front brake

Aston Martin: While Fernando Alonso was still driving with the old sidepod, Lance Stroll was catching the eye with the new design. This bridge is very reminiscent of the Red Bull designs of the last two years. This will be introduced in conjunction with the new underbody along with the diffuser. A modified main body, repositioned guide elements and a shallower wing profile must be considered for the lower body. The top surface of the diffuser has been redesigned.

The old AMR24 (above) and the updated AMR24 (below) in Japan
Old (top) and new (bottom) Aston Martin capsules, photo: LAT Images
  • A new side piece
  • Lower body with new guide elements, modified edge wing and main body
  • Modified transmitter shape

Ferrari: Given the potential for heavy rain, the Ferrari has a large upper rear wing and a large lower beam in its luggage. However, it is not new; they were already used in 2023. In addition, it is not yet clear whether they will be used. What is really new is the rear suspension, more precisely the cover of the upper rear bone. This should bring marginal improvements in efficiency.

  • Large upper rear wing and lower beam wing
  • New cover of upper back bone

Alpine: First of all, those affected begin to lose weight slowly. But that is a long process. The new front wing is more visible and has more external load relief, making it even better. This is combined with redesigned front brake cooling ducts to make the most of this wing change.

At the rear, Alpine lowers the beam wing to one lower element to take the load off the rear wing and the beam wing itself and in turn create more load on the underside. Meanwhile, Alpine is also in the danger zone when it comes to the chassis, as the team has confirmed. Like Williams, you only have two and you’ll be lost in bad crashes and chassis damage. More on this:

  • New front wing (end plate and main elements)
  • Newly designed brake cooling systems
  • Single beam wing element

Williams: The two upper elements of the front wing have a new profile, which is intended to better organize the airflow around the front tires. There is also a Suzuka rear wing and beam wing. It is much smaller than the one last used in Australia, it is optional.

  • New front wing features
  • Small rear wing
  • A small beam wing

F1 is embarrassing itself in Japan! Why didn’t anyone drive?: (Min. 16:32)

Tournament Bull: The underbody has been reworked, with a new profile for the guide elements, a new shape for the underbody itself and a new profile for the side skirt and edge wing.

  • New profiles for guide elements and lower body shape
  • New lower edge and wing edge profiles

Sauber: And another team with a new subfloor. Here too, the body and sides have been redesigned, focusing on the front and center areas. This should further improve the stability of the car. Since the start of this season, Sauber has been struggling, especially in qualifying, with a dangerous and unpredictable car that the drivers did not fully trust. The new vanguard in Australia had already provided initial relief.

  • New design of the bottom and side edge front and center

The remaining three teams are not worth mentioning. At McLaren, only the front brake cooler was modified to meet the lower requirements of Suzuka. Mercedes and Haas have no new parts at all.