Refusal to comply: for the Subaru driver, the municipal police officer did not take appropriate action

Refusal to comply: for the Subaru driver, the municipal police officer did not take appropriate action

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This resident of Montmerrei (Orne), aged 54, criticized the municipal police officer for not taking the necessary measures when he stopped in the middle of the road. The fifty-year-old was sentenced, Wednesday April 10, 2024, by the Argentine criminal court for refuse to obey.

The Subaru driver turns away and continues his journey

The February 24, 2023, it was shortly after 2:00 p.m. when a municipal police officer positioned himself in the first lane of the pedestrian crossing to signal the driver in the Subaru to stop. His attention was caught by the roar of his engine. The driver turns and continues his journey. The police officer will have to jump to the left to avoid being hit. Recorded registration and the use of video surveillance will make it possible to identify the driver.

The driver, aged 54, will challenge the criminal order sentencing him to pay a fine of 300 Euros as well as the suspension of his driving license for six months.

He explains on the court stand, in a careless voice, that this agent left at the last moment.

If I didn’t budge, he would end up in the hood.

A 54-year-old driver

According to him, the signs he was making were asking him to slow down and not stop. He adds that he passed her again a few minutes later, they looked into each other’s eyes, but at no time did he ask her to stop.

A truck driver admits that if his driving license was suspended, he would lose his job.

“A municipal police officer has no reason to lie”

“It is the only defendant who says that the municipal police officer did not put control signs and he is the only one who said that he met the police officer again a little later,” insists the public prosecutor, remembering that “the municipal police officer is a sworn person” and that he has no reason to lie and give a false report.”

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The judge remembers that when it comes to refusing to obey, there are many fatal accidents, many police officers and soldiers lose their lives due to refused checks. In oppression, and considering the condition of the defendant, he asked for a high fine, ie € 600, but a short suspension of his driving license, ie two months.

Judgment is painful, but you must not sin


The defense asked for the release of those doubts and instead asked the court not to suspend his driver’s license, which will cause him to lose his job where he has just signed a permanent contract.

He will eventually be sentenced to a 90-day fine of €5. The president reminds him that every day an unpaid fine will result in a day in jail.