Renault, Volkswagen… here are the best selling cars on Leboncoin by region in 2023

Renault, Volkswagen… here are the best selling cars on Leboncoin by region in 2023

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Because there are really good deals to be had out there, and because many find that new cars are too expensive, many prefer to buy their new used car. They, in fact, go through such sites Nice corner.

For the sole purpose actu.frthe first online sales site between individuals and l’Argusa website specializing in car ratings, reveals the top 3 best-selling cars on the platform in 2023.

The Golf and Clio lead the way

And the least we can say is that the French had the same taste. In seven of the 13 regions in mainland France, the Volkswagen Golf is the best-seller. In the other six, it was the Clio from Renault that was popular.

In the ranking, then we find BMW Serie 3 and Renault Megane. In just one region, namely Corsica, the Toyota Land Cruiser carves out a small space.

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“If these three cars are at the top of the rankings, it’s because they’ve been around for so long and for so many different generations,” says Nicolas Carron, manager of Argus’ valuation specialist team.

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The Golf has been manufactured since 1974, but with eight different generations, so in all advertisements, there is a mix, and we find mainly the latest generations. The same goes for the Renault Megane. And then if the Volkswagen Golf leads, it is also a matter of product image: it is a famous, German car and therefore has a good reputation. Clearly, the study of this model is important.

Nicolas CarronManager within the Argus group.

Clio famously used Leboncoin, but also when it is new

So Clio achieved great success in 2023. In addition to arriving in first or second place in all regions without exception, it is also the best-selling new car of the year, as true fr described it at the beginning of January 2024. “We get a lot of Clio 4 or 3, they are the ones we see every day on the street,” says Nicolas Carron commenting on its popularity.

The Peugeot 208 is not listed this year, although it is the second best-selling new car in 2023. However, it was leading since 2019, and even managed to climb to the first place on the European platform in 2022. .

“It’s one of the best-selling cars, but there are a few generations here, we’re in the second generation, that’s not enough compared to other cars,” adds Nicolas Carron.

777,082 ads in total

In all and through all, 777,082 ads about cars, whether with diesel, electric, gasoline, LPG or hybrid engines, presented in 2023, in France, on Leboncoin.

“On Leboncoin, we had a new ad every 10 seconds, all vehicles together have increased significantly compared to last year, there were 720,000 in total, it is increasing, we are in the process of. restoring the level ofbefore covid“, explains Olivier Flavier, vice president of mobility Leboncoin, specialized in cars.

A period that halted the production of new cars, which caused the second-hand market to drop sharply. The fault is the lack of parts, which continued the war in Ukraine. “So in Europe, the volume of new car sales has fallen significantly in 2021, 2022 and 2023. For mechanics, if there are fewer new cars on the market, there are also fewer used cars,” continues Olivier Flavier.

And then the price went up, “20 to 25% in three years“, equal to rising interest rates.

The second-hand market is doing well in France

If Leboncoin is doing well, it’s because the French really like to buy secondhand. “The main trend is to buy second-hand, there is a circular economy effect. Ideas are changing in France (and Europe). Consumers are buying more and more considering the longevity of the product and the environment”, analyzes Olivier Flavier. , of Leboncoin.

In 2019 before Covid, there were 28 million online ads in total on Leboncoin, today it is more than 74 million.

The opportunity is growing

But on the French market, used cars are on the rise today, and they have always done well, in general: we have as many cars sold by individuals as by professionals. And this year, we have 8 to 10% more searches compared to last year.

“We see great demand from individuals, who want to buy used cars, and especially recent ones, which are still standing for a while. When we sell a new car in France, that’s three used cars. But still say that the market will return to normal only in 2026“, comments the vice president of Leboncoin.

Another thing: if the new always tries, it is still increased, “and 7% on average”. This slows down buyers and pushes them towards Leboncoin in particular. And new car buyers are very confused right now, they don’t know what to buy, and they are in doubt. At the same time, their reflex is to buy a used car recently,” concludes Nicolas Carron.

Martin Leduc and Léa Giandomenico

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