Replacing Sticky Ferrari Buttons Cost One Owner Almost ,000

Replacing Sticky Ferrari Buttons Cost One Owner Almost $10,000

A Ferrari owner recently encountered an expensive dilemma after their vehicle’s interior buttons started to malfunction, resulting in a costly repair bill. The individual, who wishes to remain anonymous, had to shell out a whopping $9,800 to replace the sticky buttons.

The issue arose after the driver noticed that the interior buttons were becoming increasingly difficult to press and eventually stuck. After consulting with the dealership, they learned that the buttons may need to be replaced—a costly repair that would require the entire dashboard to be removed.

The Ferrari’s dashboard consists of many intricate components, including the buttons, which are known to be especially sensitive. As a result, replacing them can be a complex and costly task. To make matters worse, the buttons are not typically available separately and can only be purchased with the entire dashboard.

The anonymous Ferrari owner’s repair bill totaled nearly $10,000, but was ultimately worth the cost for the security and convenience the new buttons provided. The owner was relieved to have the issue resolved, as the buttons are essential for the vehicle’s operation.

The incident serves as a reminder that Ferrari owners must be prepared for the cost of parts and repairs. Although the cost of replacing the interior buttons was no doubt high, the Ferrari owner was ultimately happy to have the issue resolved.