Rimac is researching technology that makes diesels almost 3 times more efficient

Rimac is researching technology that makes diesels almost 3 times more efficient

If you had to describe the Rimac brand, ‘builder of supercars’ would be an apt description. For now, because it is possible that Rimac will create a diesel supercar in the future. In an interview with Motor vehicle boss Mate Rimac reveals the car brand is ‘not just electric’ and is even exploring new fuel technologies.

Rimac is currently investigating a startup that deals with the known nanotubes in extreme heat. In Dutch you can also call it nanotubes and delayed boiling. The latter relates to heating liquids (in this case, for example, diesel) up to the boiling point, without them boiling.

A cup of water in the microwave

A delay in boiling occurs, for example, if you heat water in the microwave. If the water remains undisturbed, it can be hotter than 100 degrees without boiling. But when you put a tea bag in it, for example, it can suddenly start boiling. Rimac doesn’t say exactly how the company uses this, but you can imagine that a lot of energy is generated.

Mate also says Motor vehicle that they can use technology with diesel, hydrogen and also LPG. So they don’t want to build a combustion engine, but something that converts fuel into electricity for electric motors. So don’t expect Rimac to make a new W16 for Bugatti, but for a diesel. Although it will still be very good.

Rimac’s vision for the future? | Photo: © Dall-E / Open AI

Fuel efficiency from 30 to 80 percent

The effectiveness of the invention is impressive. The great man says that the efficiency of the average combustion engine is only 30 percent, but that this technology can reach an efficiency of 80 percent. Although he says that the tests are currently done on a small scale. But who knows, the future of supercars may not be fully electric.

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