Rolls-Royce Ghost (2020): Driving report from Sport-Rolls

Rolls-Royce Ghost (2020): Driving report from Sport-Rolls

First impression: new Spirit it seems smaller to a person than it is. At times the length of 5.55 meters seemed short and the width of about 2.15 meters narrow. It seems the designers did their job well, because the new one should look less “ostentatious” and more reasonable according to the wishes of many customers. Maybe the height of 1.57 makes the ratio look a little more elegant.

Just calm

The upper door cut helps when entering through thick, electronically assisted doors that open with handles in the design of old Bosch refrigerators: you put your foot in a deep pile, but not too thick, slide down to the softest skin. seat, pull to put your left leg next to the other and gently close the door on the trap joint – the electric motor makes the break quietly. It is also very quiet inside. 100 kg of insulating material and acoustic layers even on the shield of the windows protect the occupants. The seats feel like a soft blanket over you, their supportive effect nowhere to be seen on the body – and yet it is. Of course, the armrests can be electrically adjusted in many ways, such as height adjustment. Somewhat digital, but still basically painted instruments waiting in front of him.

Enes Kucevic / Rolls Royce

According to Rolls-Royce, 80 percent of Ghost buyers prefer to sit in their sedan like this.

The modern man uses his smartphone to communicate with the outside world, and the voice-protected Ghost driver is no exception. Now that BMW is no longer a stranger to Android Auto, neither is Rolls. Only Bluetooth has always worked and this time it is an option to choose because the test route from the city of Munich to the Sylvenstein memorial is programmed into the on-board navigation system.

The Colossus drives as smoothly as the Golf

The start button activates the V12, whose operation can only be read on the instruments after a short hissing noise. The Rolls doesn’t have anything as technological as a tachometer, but it shows what percentage of the maximum 571 hp is still unused or in reserve. The eight-speed automatic’s filigree steering column lever on the right knows only “D” (pull down), “R” (up) and “P” (push button). The other button is labeled “Low” instead of misleading, although it is intended for higher power requirements (from lower gears).

Rolls Royce Ghost (2020)

Enes Kucevic / Rolls Royce

Ghost in the middle of the city? No problem.

So it is not intended for the first few meters above the sidewalks reinforced with a flower pot. Even here and on the southern streets of the pedestrian zone, which is disturbed by construction sites, Roho proves to be clearly organized thanks to its open edges. In case of doubt, front camera (for exits) and rear support. Proximity to other road users on busy and narrow roads does not cause any inconvenience, driving is as easy as a “normal” car. Turning just takes a lot of space – no wonder: With a wheelbase of around 3.30 meters, entry-level Rolls can’t turn less than 13 meters despite all-wheel steering. And at the traffic light it appears: The surprisingly common indicator noise is louder than the V12.

95 percent of storage at a speed of 95 kilometers per hour

Further south of the capital of the state of Bavaria, construction sites have brought to an end the central ring underground. At Luise-Kieselbach-Platz, the surprisingly intelligent German voice of the Ghost navigation system guides us along the A95 towards Garmisch-Partenkirchen. At first, signs with red borders warn to slow down. At 95 km / h, the power reserve pointer is at 95 percent. Really? Do you need very little power to slide a good 2.5 tons and almost 100 on the highway?

Rolls Royce Ghost (2020)

Enes Kucevic / Rolls Royce

Classic Rolls-Royce: the portal doors open a view of the finished interior.

Accepting calls should be still. Pressure per hour Rolls Royce The transparently decorated iDrive controller seems to illuminate the person you are talking to in the car: the glass is open, the sound is full of the interior, the wind whispers freely in the driver’s door to let you in, nothing disturbs the perfectly intelligible communication.

571 hp, Emily’s kick

The driver’s interest in this suddenly fades as he passes a white sign with black diagonal lines. Let’s see what the 95 percent of the remaining energy reserves do with Spirit. The carpeted pedal has a breakable foam ball thrown back, the V12 kicking the Spirit of Ecstasy so hard to the south that the driver worries the hood ornament might flip backwards. But before that happened, the intended procedure would simply pull Emily’s little island into the hat’s sea and put the island behind her, as if the Ghost had never had a hat ornament. Unfortunately, the driver can also do it himself – at the top level of the “Vehicle” submenu.

But the pilot has no time. The acceleration drive, which was interrupted at about 200 km / h, wants to continue. Even at this speed, the kickdown allows the foam ball to hit back again, this time you even hear something: the V12 trumpets almost ridiculously from a distance, the wind makes itself more audible. When the head-up display shows 256 km/h, the Ghost automatically stops without power reserve to show zero. How strong is it? In terms of feeling, the factory measurements from the past are now really accurate: the British immediately answered the question of performance and “adequate” with subtlety. The rest is in the data sheet. There you can also read that Rolls-Royce offers the Ghost 50 Nm less peak torque than the Phantom, although the Bitrubo V12 is now essentially the same with a displacement of 6.75 liters (previously 6.6).

The coolant temperature gauge on the far right of the center console can’t be disturbed by shock, the oil gauge next to it can – after acceleration it shows an average of 95 percent.

Very safe, surprisingly light

Ghost makes speeding on the Autobahn easy. The car is heavy on the road, the steering is very smooth, so the Rolls is easy to steer. And slow down? Easy lemon squeeze, as it is called in the British kindergarten – just put it on the left side of the two pedals.

Rolls Royce Ghost (2020)

Enes Kucevic / Rolls Royce

Small country roads, less difficult – it doesn’t matter – the Spirit takes it when it comes.

Even on country roads, the long sedan does not resist high speeds. The body roll is then clearly visible, but the road grip is great. Even wet asphalt does not change much. Thanks to the all-wheel drive, the traction is beyond any doubt when, on the way back, before Tegernsee, autumn considers if it is already winter time: the rain alternates with sleet, the light conditions are more reminiscent of evening than day. The Ghost rides through it like a magic carpet, its suspension blocks bumps like insulation blocks noise, without blocking all feedback from the driver. As with the Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7 Series, two cameras in the windshield report bumps in the chassis before they’re even there, and the suspension and dampers can react proactively. The Ghost only reaches its limits of driving dynamics in tight corners when its weight gradually allows it to be pushed over the front wheels.

Rolls Royce Ghost (2020)

Enes Kucevic / Rolls Royce

Bad weather? There is no problem with Spirit.

In fact, only a smaller model that would be lighter can avoid that, which is just what the Roho and its aluminum airframe promise. But then there may not be much room behind the driver’s car, getting in through the side opening door may be difficult, or the trunk may be short, and there may not be enough room for a whiskey room. or a champagne fridge. But who wants to accuse this car of poor fuel economy? That would be the opposite of luxury. And like I said: Most Ghost buyers want to drive anyway. In fact they can do this better with the new Spirit than with the first.

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In fact, with a small number of units, even the V12 does not harm the environment.

No. And in a luxury car, the engine should be silent above all, that is the electronic machine.

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In fact, according to Rolls-Royce boss Torsten Müller-Ötvös, the traditional English brand does not sell cars at all, but luxury items. That’s fine. Maybe you don’t need 95 percent of the Spirit to drive from A to B. In this case, it may not make sense to use the standard criteria for evaluating cars in Rolls.

What unites the Ghost with other cars is the price increase when changing models. A new one costs a total of 250,000 euros. With VAT (19 percent), that is 297,500 euros, the predecessor was at least several thousand “cheaper”. But you can also save on a new one, because Rolls-Royce starts offering immediately: The current low VAT rate of 16 percent reduces the total price to 290,000 euros.