Rolls-Royce is celebrating 120 years of creating the tamest Ghost ever

Rolls-Royce is celebrating 120 years of creating the tamest Ghost ever

Rolls-Royce has launched its the latest innovations inspired by modern design: Ghost Prism. While maintaining a link with tradition, the brand shows embrace modern trends boldly, as evidenced by the unexpected lime green color of the car, once unimaginable.

The Ghost Prism body is finished inside gray gun, enhanced by a complex 10-step process that produces a rich “mineral” finish. Application of four rows of colors creates depth and shine, a result that is impossible to achieve with one coat. This level of detail requires a 16 hours polishing by hand to ensure flawless lighting.

Care and attention are still “pain”

The grille and trunk were treated to a glossy black-gray color called Burnout, which was also finished by hand. Every part is carefully designed primed and then painted with four colors, followed by polishing to create the perfect glossy finish.

Ghost Prism buyers can customize their car further to choose between four eye-catching colors for interiors and exterior details: Phoenix Red, Turquoise, Mandarin and Forge Yellow. These bright colors They also appeared in the interiorin the seats, steering wheel, dashboard and door panels, as well as being integrated into the Starlight Headliner, featuring 1,040 hand-drilled light holes.

Only 120 copies of Ghost Prism will be released, with no limit to the number of color combinations available. As the company celebrates its 120th anniversary, the release of Ghost Prism is just one of many exciting events to come, as fans eagerly await what comes next. Goodwood.