Rumor: GM will produce Honda & Acura-based Ultium

Rumor: GM will produce Honda & Acura-based Ultium

In early March, General Motors presented its new, dedicated electric vehicle platform. As we learned then, the module driver system is the basis of the GM’s electrification strategy. With Honda, General Motors has found its first partner for the joint development of two brand new electric vehicles. According to unofficial sources from Automotive News, there is a plan to launch an electric Honda and an electric Acura crossover produced at GM plants within four years.

The first electric vehicle based on GM’s electric vehicle platform and Ultium batteries may be produced at GM’s plant in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico, while the second will be manufactured at GM’s plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee. Honda Stromer is expected in 2023, and in the following year the Acura electric car will roll off the production line. Where this in terms of its size on the Cadillac LYRIQ will direct.

With this partnership, GM and Honda are taking the next step in their ongoing collaboration on electrification. This includes work on fuel cells and the Nature Cruise, an electric, self-driving, and hybrid vehicle launched in San Francisco earlier this year. Honda was also involved in the development of GM’s battery module in 2018.

Neither General Motors nor Honda wanted to comment on the current report. A spokesman for the Japanese manufacturer mentioned to the American media that one “later this year” will publish information on the North American electricity distribution strategy. However, there is already information about GM’s electric car platform, which could be used for Acura and Stromer electric cars:

Possible configurations range from 50 to 200 kWh battery capacity. GM wants to enable a range of up to 650 km. The self-developed engines can be designed as front, rear or all-wheel drive and should accelerate future GM cars to 100 km / h in a good three seconds. Electric vehicles with Ultium batteries can be charged quickly with up to 200 kW if they are designed as a 400-volt system. For large SUVs and pick-ups, GM plans an 800-volt system in which the batteries can be charged up to 350 kW.

Source: InsideEVs – Rumor: GM To Produce Ultium-Based Electric Honda And Acura