Safety flaws: Tesla is recalling thousands of vehicles

Safety flaws: Tesla is recalling thousands of vehicles

Tesla the car manufacturer has been struggling with severe quality defects. In a study on the topic from 2020, Elon Musk’s company took the last place. There have been a number of reports of hair processing errors in cars in recent years. Times they have lost cars of the company lined up their bumpers when it rains, sometimes flying roofs when driving, most of the bench seats were not screw tight and a Model 3 owner tore while driving if the steering wheel leaves. Mistakes that would mean the downfall of many other companies. But for Tesla, demand continues to grow.
Shoddy seems to be still a topic in the company. At least that’s what a recent recall in the United States suggests. According to the website, Tesla informs there more than 24,000 Model 3 owners today who will soon have to take their car in for repairs because two of the three seat belts in the back seat are improperly installed and therefore unable to serve their purpose. The surprising thing is that this is not a manufacturing defect that already existed at the factory: the defect only appears after the cars are repaired at a Tesla service center for a different issue.

Finn offers: drive a Tesla and car registration

Cars from the Tesla car manufacturer are not only popular with electric car fans. This sometimes leads to long waits. The fastest way for Tesla can be through vehicle registration – for example with the service provider Finn.

Belts reinstalled incorrectly

For this intervention, which is not explained in detail, the technicians had to remove the seat belts from the cars and, according to Tesla, they did not put them properly afterwards. How this can happen to this extent and which parts of the service are responsible for the error is still unclear. One thing is certain: during re-installation, the anchor and connector systems of the affected belts were not re-installed correctly, so that the inserted belts are loose and no longer provide sufficient support. In the coming weeks, Tesla wants to offer so-called pop-up service centers where Tesla owners can fix defects.

Recalls are nothing new for Tesla, although the automaker has so far been able to fix many of the problems through software updates. Nowadays the company must explore, at least indirectly, another reminder. The one designed for children cyberquadwhich was based on the vehicle from the Cybertruck presentation, must also be returned by the owners – permanently.

Cyberquad disappears from the market completely

The reason: The US Product Safety Agency is loud Until concluded that the vehicle, which travels about 16 kilometers per hour, does not meet safety standards for children’s ATVs. Although the manufacturer of the quad is Radio Flyer, Tesla sold the vehicle through its online store. Radio Flyer is offering its customers a full refund of the purchase price. Since the Cyberquad was not available in Germany, Tesla fans in this country are not affected by this recall either.