Sales figures for this EV brand have increased by more than 83,000%

Sales figures for this EV brand have increased by more than 83,000%

An increase in sales of more than 83,000 percent, these are figures that many electric car manufacturers dream of. General Motors does it with the GMC Hummer EV, but it’s not very impressive.

Hummer became popular with less attractive consumer versions of the Humvee, an off-road vehicle that was often used by the US military. For a while, these SUVs and pickups were real status symbols, but that didn’t stop them from going bankrupt. As a result, the H2 is now an affordable used car. Remember, it’s a big drinking boat.

The GMC Hummer EV is getting a big boost in sales

Recently General Motors saw the opportunity for a modern, electric interpretation of the large pickup. The American now goes by the name of 1,000 hp GMC Hummer EV. Sales of electric vehicles increased by no less than 83,300 percent year-on-year in this first quarter.

GMC Hummer EV electric vehicle sales figures
(Photo: GM)

It looks interesting, doesn’t it? In the last three months, the manufacturer has not sold tens of thousands, but 1,668. In Q1 of 2023, when EV production had not yet begun, only 3 GMC Hummer EVs were sold. Because it is customary to use the same period a year earlier as a basis for comparison, the growth appears to be significant.

An electric car weighs more than four tons

After the poor first quarter of last year, the brand was able to increase the number of production and 3,260 units were sold in 2023. This year, General Motors wants to surpass that and the manufacturer seems to be on the way to achieve that goal.

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The giant weighs at least 1,500 kg. That’s not so bad, we hear you think. But by ‘giant’ we are not referring to the full GMC Hummer EV, but only to the 212 kWh battery pack. The electric vehicle itself weighs more than four tons, which means you are not allowed to drive it in the Netherlands without a truck driver’s license.

Driving test

Although the EV will not be released through official channels in our country, we could not refuse driving test with an animal to make Do you have a C(1) driving license and are you interested? There is a supplier who has brought a copy to the Netherlands and is offering it for sale.

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