Sara Sanchez: The Women’s World Cup is important, the best mixed / Women’s Motorcycle World Cup

Sara Sanchez: The Women’s World Cup is important, the best mixed / Women’s Motorcycle World Cup

Sara Sanchez believes that the Women’s Cyclocross World Championship is important to stimulate women’s interest in motorcycling. But she herself prefers to compete with the supposedly stronger sex.

24 women have decided to compete in the inaugural season of the Women’s Cycling World Championships, one of them being Sara Sanchez. The Spaniard ran the Italian Supersport 300 series in 2023 and finished tenth. In 2020 and 2021 he also made guest appearances at the World Championships. She also successfully participated in the European Women’s Championship.

“During my second European Championship, before the end of the season and I didn’t know if I was going to win or not, I decided I wasn’t going to ride with women again. I wanted to ride again against men,” said Sanchez on “Because that’s what I’ve been doing every time and I wanted to compete with them again. But not because I didn’t want to ride with women, but because it’s a high level. The difference between the first and last rider is several seconds. I don’t want to say that we don’t have speed, but there are few women in this game.”

Does the 26-year-old think a new Women’s World Cup is unnecessary? “This is a very controversial topic, to be honest,” Sanchez admitted to “I have always been in favor of mixed championships and I still prefer us to compete. But the women’s categories I see as a good idea to promote sports among women because there are few of us. Basically, I think we can all run together.”

The Spaniard continued: “It was important for me to participate in the first edition, especially to promote the game and be a role model for future generations. When they look at us, they will believe that they can do it themselves and that they have this opportunity. From there it can be a step to enter other groups .”

To date, Ana Carrasco is the only world champion in the solo class on the circuit. Until now, female competitors have only appeared in minor categories, but never in MotoGP or the Superbike World Championship. “Why is there no female world champion in MotoGP? I don’t know, but how many male drivers haven’t done it either? And how many drivers are there? Many many! So if there are no female drivers, it’s hard to find a talented girl.”