Several long-awaited new cars will be available in May.  Brands, prices and models

Several long-awaited new cars will be available in May. Brands, prices and models

Between crossovers and small cars, the most anticipated cars in May 2023 are Honda Civic Type R and Jeep Avenger. Honda Civic Type R + the most powerful and fastest version ever, with only a petrol engine.

The Jeep Avenger is a four-meter long SUV that will arrive in an all-electric version and later also in a hybrid version. The Abarth 595e is the first sporty version of the electric Fiat 500, and finally the Polestar 3 SUV, which will also be fully electric, will surely arouse the interest of enthusiasts. So let’s explore:

  • What crossovers are expected in May 2023

  • What small cars are expected in May 2023

What crossovers are expected in May 2023

Suzuki Jimny will receive a long variant, extended by 40 cm and with the addition of two doors. This version may have a hybrid propulsion system, and may be approved not only as a commercial vehicle. The car is expected to be available from May 2023, with a price tag of at least €35,000.

Dacia Duster Mat 2023 Edition it is characterized by its engine, the most powerful in the range: 150 bhp four-cylinder turbo petrol TKe 1.3, with an EDC dual-clutch automatic gearbox. The car has a new color matching 17-inch Gloss Black alloy wheels, High Gloss Black door mirror housings, orange stripe, Megalith Gray roof and Gloss Black Shark antenna.

L’Travel arrangement It includes automatic air conditioning and a multimedia system with an 8-inch screen, integrated navigation and smartphone emulation. The multi-view camera is activated during parking maneuvers and start is via the hands-free card. The Dacia Duster Mat 2023 version is available only with the 1.3 TCe 150 HP petrol engine and the EDC dual-clutch automatic transmission, at an initial price of 26,400 euros.

Mercedes EQE It is a large SUV available with rear and all-wheel drive: the first version has a 292 HP engine at the rear, while the second is equipped with a single drive unit per axle (292 or 408 HP together). The car is based on a system aimed at battery-powered models and claims a range of up to 590 km.

With a length of 486cm, the EQE offers alarge carrying capacity, with a luggage compartment of 520-580/1675 liters. The battery, mounted on the platform, has a capacity of more than 100 kWh, and good residual capacity is guaranteed even after 10 years or 250,000 km.

What small cars are expected in May 2023

There Type 595 Abarth it focuses on increasing performance, exhaust noise, unique design and strong personality, as well as maximum driving pleasure. These characteristics form the basis for creating an optimized model that meets the specific needs of the buyer. For this purpose, four personalization packages have been developed that are inspired by the authentic Abarth tradition.

Such packages provide a variety of options from the addition of aesthetic details to the adoption of modern technological solutions, to provide a complete personalization of the driving experience. The customization packages pay homage to Abarth’s storied history, recalling the famous Scorpion conversion boxes of the 1960s, which transformed standard production cars into true racing machines.

Honda Civic R type is a high performance variant of the range Civil, available in Italy from the seventh generation. The cabin has been designed with great attention to materials and workmanship, although the dashboard is not particularly attractive. The interior includes sports front seats in red suede fabric, which ensure excellent grip without being too restrictive. The rear seat is black and offers space for up to two people.

The tool is equipped special indicators to evaluate the efficiency of the car on the track, such as longitudinal and transverse accelerometers. In the “+R” driving mode, designed for track use, digital instruments limit important information such as engine speed, water and oil temperature and chronometer, to reduce driver distraction. The starting price is around 60,000 euros.

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