Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio, a modern take on a timeless idea

Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio, a modern take on a timeless idea

Are you looking for a short-distance car, have a place to load, care about the environment and / or comfort, and can spend a lot of money? Smart has something for you. Don’t count, however, that “the best car for the city” will solve what other drivers are complaining about.

Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio – test

Smart is one of those cars that doesn’t need to be started. Everyone has heard about the small, two-seater, 2.5 m (today 2.7 m) car for a long time. Producer describes it as “the best car for the city”, to emphasize today how important the electric car is in it. It is not surprising in the end Smart It was the first brand to resign from offering internal combustion engines in its models.

In theory (although it also depends on which theory you use) it sounds like the perfect recipe. The small dimensions should translate to maneuverability and convenience parking, economical and pollution-free operation means lower costs for the driver and the environment. What more could you want for your daily activities? Well, a long time to go.

Smart like an electric car

EQ in Daimler stands for “electricity”Photo source: © Photo. Michał Zieliński

For now, let’s put the smart specs aside and consider how it compares to its rivals. The operation is done by an electric synchronous motor that produces a maximum of 82 HP. This translates into a completely unimpressive performance: in the tested Cabrio version it takes 12.7 seconds to run to a hundred. From here, it is close to the maximum speed, which is limited to 130 km / h.

Of course, as befits an electrician, the view from behind the wheel is completely different. At the speed of the city, the sane cries forward eagerly, leaving behind the more powerful cars (acceleration to 60 km / h takes 5.5 seconds) Accelerator pedal response is instantaneous, unless Eco Mode is activated. Then everything happens with a noticeable delay, although it does not irritate every day. Recovery is also stronger in this setting.

Smart EQ Fortwo

Smart EQ FortwoPhoto source: © Photo. Michał Zieliński

During a week of intelligent driving, I never once felt underpowered. However, I dreamed bigger battery. One of the two has a capacity of 16.7 kWh, which is the value we associate with it today. plugging hybrids. This is translated the declared range is about 130 km, although I was able to “reach” 10 km less in real conditions.. This means that the use of such a car must be very conscious.

For example: one day I went to a meeting in one of the towns near Warsaw. Suddenly, it turned out that I had left my laptop at home, which I could have used, but it was not necessary. The extra time was enough – resigning from dinner, I would be in time to go home and back. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t have enough range to perform such a trick, and there was no charger on site to charge the car.

Two panels protect the charging port in the smartphone.  Apparently it will only accept alternating current, but the speed is impressive

Two panels protect the charging port in the smartphone. Apparently it will only accept alternating current, but the speed is impressivePhoto source: © Photo. Michał Zieliński

The plus is, however, that if it were there (today it is already), filling a small battery would not take long. Although the smart does not have DC fast charging, it can optionally accept up to 22 kW when using alternating current. This means that with the right charger, you can recharge at a speed of about 3 kilometers of range per minute. Importantly, the cost of that charging session will be lower than using direct current.

It is this charging option that is the biggest electric ace in the Fortwo’s hand. My tests show that it is no longer offered Volkswagen e-up! like Dacia Spring they are more suitable when driving in the city, but none of them will be able to fill the energy from the city bollards quickly. Yes, there are still no chargers of this type in Poland, but managers of housing estates or office buildings are getting them and soon this advantage may gain value.

Smart as a means of transport

Smart EQ Fortwo

Smart EQ FortwoPhoto source: © Photo. Michał Zieliński

Poor range is no longer a problem if the car has a charging station. An ordinary socket is enough for this, although then the mentioned 22 kW cannot be calculated – in the best case the power will be 10 times less. In each case plugging the car overnight is enough to start the next day with a full batteryand use wisdom without stress.

Then it’s easy to appreciate the benefits that all electric cars offer. The drive works unexpectedly well and quietly and leaves no exhaust fumes behind. In addition, Polish parliamentarians have prepared a small package of benefits electricians: their drivers can legally enter the bus lane and do not have to pay for parking in paid parking areas.. Not bad so far.

Smart EQ Fortwo

Smart EQ FortwoPhoto source: © Photo. Michał Zieliński

Smart, however, stands out with the specifications, but in my experience it is not as big an advantage as the manufacturer suggests. Yes, the body of 2.7 meters is very short and allows you to park the car where other cars will not fit, but finding such gaps is surprisingly very difficult. I was more likely to find normal sized workstations where the smart looked… amazing.

Most importantly, appearance leaves much to be desired. Looking over my shoulder, all I see is a very wide B-pillar. That’s the price you pay for such a short body. However, the trick deserves praise. yes, smartem can even be turned on the spot. This will be especially important in very tight parking lots, because in everyday use, what the A-segment cars offer is enough.

The cockpit is simple and ergonomic

The cockpit is simple and ergonomicPhoto source: © Photo. Michał Zieliński

The dimension that bothered me the most was … width. I changed from electric to smart vespy and it quickly turned out that even the “best car for the city” is a very bad way to get around the assembly, because it is stuck in traffic jams (which it also creates). Measuring a little 1.66 m The child is also very wide so that safely and comfortably avoid a light cyclist on the same path.

Smart in general

Contrary to appearance, I do not consider a good car without receivers, although I do not hide them special driver recommendation (and know).. It is ideal for someone who needs to choose a car for daily travel, drives less than 100 km per day, travels alone or with one passenger, and has the ability to charge the car at home or nearby. Oh, and most importantly. Smart electricity is a proposal for the richest man.

Don't look for comfort in the interior.  The material could also be better

Don’t look for comfort in the interior. The material could also be betterPhoto source: © Photo. Michał Zieliński

The base price of this model is PLN 99,100, and the tested convertible version requires an additional PLN 14,100. Yes, the car has been seized additional payment (even PLN 27,000 with the Big Family Card, eg as a second car in the family), but still a lot, especially considering the very limited use of this model. The fact that you do not feel this money inside will also be disappointing. Mediocre quality plastics rule here, watches are outdated and the media is crying to the heavens for revenge.

No wonder the Smart EQ Fortwo has never beaten the sales figures. This is a very good product that will have one more problem in the future: city transport policy. Today, more and more authorities decide to develop bicycle infrastructure or public transport, freeing residents from the need to use a car. Examples are Paris or Berlin, but also, for example, Krakow, where the benefits for people who leave the car are considered.

Smart EQ Fortwo

Smart EQ FortwoPhoto source: © Photo. Michał Zieliński

Smart seems to understand this. It’s already gone from the sale For four – the same expensive, with the same small range, but more practical, because the model for 4 people. Under the wings of Geely, the new co-owner, at the IAA mobility show, announced an electric crossover that will be more versatile than the Fortwo . If the trend does not change, such a car will meet the needs of new customers better. And not necessarily those in salons, although this is a completely different topic.

Our rating Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio:

5/ 10


  • useful AC charging option with a power of 22 kW
  • great trick
  • thanks to the smooth and powerful driving of the electric motor

  • The theoretical possibility of parking “everywhere” loses reality
  • it does not solve the problem of traffic jams in the city
  • limited performance
  • complex roof folding system
  • high price for the possibilities offered
Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio
Storage Type Electricity
Maximum power: 82 KM
Torque: 160 Nm
Cargo compartment capacity: 190 l
Catalogue: Measure yourself:
Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 12.7 seconds
Maximum speed: 130 km / h
Energy consumption (combination): 17.3-16.1 kWh / 100 km 13.9 kWh / 100 km
Reception 132 km 120 km
Example from: PLN 99,100
Version from: PLN 113,200