Start according to plan: Landshut’s home win against Daugvpils / Speedway

Start according to plan: Landshut’s home win against Daugvpils / Speedway

Trans MF Landshut Devils will start the 2024 fast season with a 48:42 win at home against Optibet Lokomotiv Daugavpils Still everything was going well.

To top off Easter Sunday, Trans MF Landshut Devils not only gave their fans a thrilling season opener, but also the home win they were hoping for. After initial problems, the newly formed team managed to win 48:42 against their opponent Optibet Lokomotiv Daugavpils from Latvia in the final stage in front of 2,000 spectators.

Initially, the Latvians had the lead in the first four games by winning three games, but the Devils fell behind by four points. Initially things went well for the young duo Mario Häusl and Erik Bachhuber, who won their race 5-1.

After the first service of the train, the result was more to the taste of the spectators: 5:1 from Erik Riss/Lukas Baumann followed by 4:2 from Antonio Lindbaeck/Bachhuber, before the Swedish duo Kim Nilsson and Victor Palovaara Heat 7. was surprised by Jevgenijs Kostigovs, who broke between the two Devils on the back straight and did not allow the victory to be taken from him.

By the second train service, the hosts had turned their deficit into a narrow 22:20 lead, but this did not last long. In the next move the opponent was ahead again by 5:1. The next two races ended in a tie, although in Heat 10 it was again Kostigovs who took Riss on the back straight in the fourth lap and turned a 4:2 lead into 3:3.

In the last three regular rounds, however, the Devils showed their will to win and once again moved ahead of their opponents by four points with 4: 2 from Nilsson/Riss and 5: 1 from Lindbaeck/Palovaara. With Riss/Palovaara winning 4:2 in Heat 14, the race was decided in favor of the hosts.

Antonio Lindbaeck scored a personal surprise with his victory over Steven Worrall, who had previously been leading. “I’m happy that we won the opening race at home,” said the new Devils visitor. “In the beginning I had problems with the set-up, but it worked. I feel good in the team and I am satisfied that I was able to contribute to today’s victory.”

“We have certainly made it more difficult for us today than it should have been,” team manager Klaus Zwerschina said, concluding the evening of the race, “but the team bounced back and turned the race around at an important moment. which was as important as the first to determine your position in new season.”

It will now be interesting to see how the Red Devils fare in their first away match, which takes place on the weekend of 20/21. April in Opole will be beaten.