Subaru is celebrating 50 years of its legendary AWD all-wheel drive system

Subaru is celebrating 50 years of its legendary AWD all-wheel drive system

Subaru celebrates 50 years this year of the beginning of his system dAll Wheel Drive (AWD). Since the introduction of the Subaru Leone 4WD Estate Van, Japan’s first mass-produced AWD passenger car in September 1972, the company has produced approximately 21 million* all-wheel drive vehicles to date.

AWD models currently account for 98%* of Subaru global sales. All current production all-wheel drive vehicles* are equipped with Subaru’s Symmetrical AWD system as well as a symmetrically opposed “Boxer” engine, another distinctive technology of the Japanese manufacturer.

Symmetrical AWD, because it is unique

The feature that makes the Subaru Symmetrical AWD unique is the symmetrical transmission mated to the Boxer engine. long placed parallel to it. The combination of the low center of gravity provided by the Boxer engine and the high balance of weight provided by the symmetrical transmission enhances the stability and traction inherent in AWD, providing exceptional driving performance in a variety of weather and road conditions. In addition to these advantages provided by its own technology, Subaru has continued to improve its four-wheel drive according to the philosophy of “human-oriented car manufacturing”, to provide a greater sense of unity and a vehicle capable of conveying joy. and peace of mind for the driver and passengers.

Subaru’s AWD technology continues to evolve even in electric vehicles. In equipped e-BOXER* models sold in Japan and other parts of the world, the highly responsive electric motor enables more precise AWD control, providing greater safety on slippery road surfaces such as snow or ice, and great ability to drive on rough roads.

System di all-wheel drive, with dual electric driveor, it has also been adopted in the new electric SUV Soltera. AWD for the new Subaru BEV was developed by incorporating experience gained from the Motor AWD R&D project, the research and development program for all-wheel drive and electric motors launched by the company in 2005. The solution was explored for the manufacturer’s first BEV for sale. Global offers the driving ability and fun character of every Subaru.

Words by Tomomi Nakamura, President and CEO of Subaru Corporation

As one of the core technologies behind Subaru’s commitment to safety and driving pleasure, the AWD system has been continuously improved for more than half a century. Towards the era of electrification, we will further improve our long-term four-wheel drive capability with electrification technology and continue to pursue the “Subaru difference”: stability, driving dynamics and handling..

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Last modified: 15 September 2022