Suitable for the city: Peugeot 208

Suitable for the city: Peugeot 208

Compact, modern, comfortable and reliable. We often expect these few features from a city car. Of course, there are more of them, but the specifics of road traffic in cities make them come to the fore. We find them in the Peugeot 208, which can be the perfect companion in our travels. In the city and more…


The power of choice

Peugeot is a well-known brand for car enthusiasts around the world. It is a recognized manufacturer whose cars have been very popular in Poland for many years. It is worth knowing that the brand strategy is “The power of choice”. It assumes that customers who decide to buy a brand car have a choice between different types of drives. Not unlike the Peugeot 208, it is available with combustion, diesel and fully electric engines.

The advantages of traditional drives are known to all of us, so let’s consider why it is worth considering. Peugeot e-208 purchase.

– Electric cars give us a quiet, clean car, which is not necessary now – it gives us the ability to use bus routes. The range of the electric model 208 of the French brand is up to 362 km according to the WLTP standard, so it will also be a good traveling companion also during long trips, for example weekend trips.

– Electric vehicles have various charging options that vary according to the charging time. We can connect them to a socket or use (for example on the road) a fast charging station. In the latter case, the battery charge time to 80% is only 30 minutes! It’s also worth adding that if you buy online, the easyWallBox charger will be included in the price of the car.

– The purchase of an electric car can also be associated with a financial benefit, thanks to the government program “My Electrician”, which can also be used by private customers.

The lion’s claws are visible at first glance

The possibility of buying Peugeot cars online certainly needs to be explained. The French manufacturer offers that possibility in its Virtual Salon. The installer is available there, as well as the cars are available immediately! It is worth considering buying – for example the Peugeot 208 – online, since there are several advantages associated with this option. First of all, brands often offer special promotions available only in this way. Second, the car is delivered to our home, so we can buy it from a dealer on the other side of the country. And if you have any questions, we will receive the necessary assistance from brand dealers who will be happy to clear our doubts.

The Peugeot 208 itself, as already mentioned, is a tough car, but showing the lion’s claws at first. The front end features a chrome grille and FULL LED headlamps with a three-claw motif. At the back, apart from the hunting look of the lights, we have two spoilers, thanks to which the car acquires a sporty character. The interior of the car combines comfort – thanks to the contoured front seats – with the latest technological solutions.

Peugeot 208 interior

Provides comfort and safety

One of them is the i-Cockpit® developed by the French brand PEUGEOT 3D, which combines a multi-functional, modern steering wheel, a 3D digital clock panel, a 10-inch touch screen and seven toggle switches. Thanks to this, we have all the important indicators visible, and we can control the settings in various ways.

Without doubt Peugeot 208 it is also equipped with assistance systems that assist the driver. These are among others:

– Active Safety Brake, working at a speed of up to 80 km / h, detects obstacles in front of the vehicle and breaks it automatically if necessary;

– Peugeot Drive Assist, enabling speed control and appropriate distance from other road users or recognition of road signs,

– Blind spot monitoring system

Of course, these are not all systems that can be useful for us in the city or on long routes. For example – in the electronic version, Peugeot 208 it offers three driving modes that aim to increase range, driving comfort or a sense of sport. The variety of choices that the French manufacturer offers among the models of its compact representative make it a car that is definitely worth considering.