Summer in full beauty – TOP 5 best cosmetic treatments for summer

Summer in full beauty – TOP 5 best cosmetic treatments for summer

Summer is around the corner and you are still not satisfied with your appearance? What? Are you dreaming of a beautiful face and glowing skin for the upcoming summer season? Here are five of the best beauty treatments that will make you feel more beautiful and confident than ever!

Cryolipolysis – Freezing unwanted centimeters

What? Are you dreaming of a model look that will make you feel good in a bikini? Cryolipolysis is a treatment that will allow you to get rid of unwanted fat by freezing it non-invasively – no pain, stitches or long recovery! Thanks to this innovative treatment, your body can regain its shape and you will feel confident on the beach!

Microneedle mesotherapy – Nutrition and strengthening

Summer is the time when the skin needs special care and nutrition, so it is important to consider the microneedle mesotherapy treatment, which provides the skin with essential nutrients and stimulates collagen production. It’s the perfect way to improve skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles and enhance natural light. The treatment is based on the correct puncturing of the skin with microneedles, thanks to which collagen production is stimulated and skin repair processes are launched.

Chemical peels and treatment with the use of acid – the secret of healthy and radiant skin

What? do you want to get rid of tired and gray skin? Bet on professional treatment, which is a sensational way to revitalize the skin, remove dead epidermis and reduce discoloration. This is the perfect summer treatment as it is restorative I give my skin a healthy and clean look, I prepare it for exposure to the sun and above all, it allows better absorption of nutrients and active ingredients from cosmetics.

Hydropeeling – refreshing and moisturizing

In summer, the skin is exposed to dangerous atmospheric factors, such as the sun, wind or high temperature, which can affect its condition and moisture. Hydropeeling is a treatment that combines cleansing and deep moisturizing of the skin. Moist skin It is more elastic, stable and regains its shine. This is especially important in summer, when the skin is more depleted and needs more moisture. Most importantly – treatment does not require convalescence.

Thermolifting + water peeling – Double revitalization

If you dream of an immediate lifting effect, this treatment is for you! Thermolifting with water peeling is an innovative and non-invasive treatment, the effects of which are visible after just one treatment! Not just the skin after treatment it is taut but also refined and sparkling. During thermolifting, we heat the deep layers of the skin, thanks to which collagen and elastin fibers are shortened to their original length, and fibroblasts are stimulated to produce new, young fibers. Thanks to the two-phase flow of air and water, the skin is thoroughly cleansed and the active ingredients are better absorbed.

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