System 1 |  Ferrari will want to sign Norris if Leclerc replaces Hamilton in Mercedes F1

System 1 | Ferrari will want to sign Norris if Leclerc replaces Hamilton in Mercedes F1

Former Ferrari and Williams team manager in Formula 1, Peter Windsor envisions Lando Norris to replace Charles Leclerc in the Scuderia in the future, if the Monegasque himself was called to replace Lewis Hamilton in Mercedes F1.

A McLaren driver since his debut in the discipline in 2019, Norris admitted he had held talks with Red Bull before the start of the 2022 season, where he would be Max Verstappen’s teammate instead of Sergio Perez. As a reminder, he is linked with the Woking team until the end of 2025.

For their part, Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff have repeatedly said that the seven-time world champion, whose current contract will expire at the end of the year, would be extended for several seasons.

But if by chance Hamilton changes his mind and retires earlier than expected, Windsor sees Wolff trying to recruit Leclerc, who would therefore be replaced by Norris at Ferrari. This is why the media is already showing up question to Vasseur on the renewal of Leclerc’s contract (read here).

“Let’s imagine that Lewis decides to leave at the end of the 2024 season, then I would see Toto trying to get Leclerc,” said Windsor.

“Maybe it will be difficult to pair Leclerc with George Russell, but if he is willing to put Russell with Hamilton, he can do it with Leclerc very well.”

“Let’s say Leclerc moves from Ferrari to Mercedes to replace Lewis, which is not a far-fetched concept, what would Ferrari do then? I think they would do anything to get Lando.”

“And I think Lando, at that time, would have a hard time saying no, putting all the contractual issues aside, because I think at this level Ferrari can afford it.”

“I think Lando has half a chance at Ferrari, if Leclerc replaces Lewis. Which one would be good, right?”

Gasly also a candidate for the seat of Ferrari?

In addition, Windsor reckons that Norris is not too happy about the idea of ​​having Oscar Piastri as his teammate at McLaren, the Australian who came to replace Daniel Ricciardo, in serious trouble for the last two years.

So he wouldn’t be surprised to see the British pilot change his tune. On the other hand, he finds it difficult to imagine joining Red Bull to face Verstappen.

“Would Zak Brown have stood in his way at McLaren? Maybe Lando would have said to Zak, ‘Look, everything has been good. We had Daniel, everything was fine, and then you put Piastri in the car and that’s Hell now. I don’t want that, I’m out here’. That’s probably what he would say.”

“From Lando’s point of view, it becomes a very difficult situation because if there is an offer from Ferrari, it will be more attractive, for example, than racing with Max at Red Bull if Perez leaves.”

“I think if you’re Lando, if you have to go somewhere, go to Ferrari or Mercedes. You can’t go with Max, even if he got an offer to do it. So Ferrari would be a great choice for Lando. It would be good for all of us really, we’d love it.”

“I think Pierre Gasly also thinks that. He must be thinking: ‘There may be a position at Ferrari and I want to be in this position to get it’. Those are the two candidates in my opinion.”