Tesla shares news: Tesla clearly loses 7 percent

With a negative 7 percent improvement, Tesla car manufacturer’s stock deed is one of the makers of the losses of the day. Today the price of a stock certificate is 691.60 euros.

Despair among investors
. Shares of car manufacturer currently fall to € 691.60, down 6.98 percent from the previous day.

Tesla shares started trading on Thursday at a price of EUR 695.10. The maximum daily rate is 707.20 euros.

Tesla’s stock reached its 52-week high on 11/04/2021. The stock market currently trades in the stock market 36.0 percent below the maximum. A minimum of 52 weeks was reached on May 19, 2021 for EUR 446.05.

By 4:30 pm, the stock was selling for 65.4 million euros and 95,286 shares were for sale. On the previous trading day, 6,583 sheets worth 1.3 million euros were sold at one time.

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