the actor had an accident trying to save his niece;  know the details

the actor had an accident trying to save his niece; know the details

New information from the Nevada Sheriff’s Office details the crash that nearly killed Jeremy Renner. Look!

New information shows that Jeremy Renner was trying to save his nephew from being hit by his snowmobile when the machine accidentally crushed him, according to an incident report from the Nevada Sheriff’s Office. The documents were found by CNN.

Jeremy Renner failed to apply the emergency brake when the machine skidded sideways after using it to pull his nephew’s truck out of the snow, according to a new report from the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office.

“Pistenbully’s snow plow started to slide causing Renner to leave the car without applying the emergency brake”, says the conclusion of the report. “Although the Pistenbully had several technical issues, it is believed, based on our technical review, that the parking brake would have prevented the machine from moving forward.”

When Renner tried to stop or turn Pistenbully to avoid injury (his nephew) he was pulled under the car on the side of the road and chased away.”

The report also notes that the brake indicator light was not working immediately “Technical issues may be the cause of this accident”.

Renner’s nephew helped him while they waited for medical help to arrive to take him to a trauma center. His rep confirmed at the time that he was in “poor condition but stable“and suffer”severe chest and bone injuries,” which he was operated on several times.

The star returned home earlier this month after spending almost two weeks in the hospital. He later revealed that he broke more than 30 bones in a snowmobile accident on New Year’s Day.

“These 30+ broken bones will mend, strengthen, as love and relationships between family and friends grow.,” he wrote alongside a picture of himself in the hospital.

“Much love and thanks to you all”, he concluded.