The amazing story of Carlo Bugatti art furniture rescued from a landfill by an auctioneer and sold at auction.

The amazing story of Carlo Bugatti art furniture rescued from a landfill by an auctioneer and sold at auction.

This is the incredible story of a piece of furniture destined to end its life in a recycling center in Toulouse (Haute-Garonne). 7 works of art signed by designer Carlo Bugatti were rescued from the junkyard at the last minute by a Toulouse auctioneer and sold at auction this Friday, March 8.

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7 pieces of furniture signed Carlo Bugatti were auctioned this Friday March 8 in Toulouse (Haute-Garonne). A wonderful story for the auctioneer who rescued them from the landfill.

They could be gone forever. Forgotten in the garage for decades. But here they are in front of the buyers in the Toulouse auction room: “If we were in Marseille, we would say that it was the story of the Marseillais“, jokes Jérôme de Colonge, sales broker.

“Their owner came to see me to empty his garage”, continues Jérome de Colonge. “His wife said there was only dirt, good enough to throw in the dump.“. When he got home, he was surprised. He discovered 7 pieces of furniture by Carlo Bugatti: “And then, I pinch myself, I tell myself, it’s too good to be true.” The furniture is certified.

The furniture set includes a walnut bench, two pairs of sconces, wall sconces, a wooden mirror, a wall shelf, a large wall sconce and a pair of chairs. They were all signed by the designer who was born on February 16, 1856 in Milan and died in France in 1940.

These are innovations that date back to his time in Italy which ends in the 1900sspecifies the broker. This is the time when he participated in all the major world exhibitions before moving to France..”

Before the sale, Friday March 8, 2024, the works leave no one behind: “He knew how to create forms, I find his work very interesting” responds this man from Toulouse. “They’re quite a mess by the standards of the time and they have this incredible stamp. It’s fascinating.” recognizes this art historian.

“Bugatti is a distinctive and unique designer”keeps secret Jérôme de Colonge. “He created original furniture, inspired by the East, the Middle East. This is reflected in the shapes, materials and techniques. He used leather, copper and natural wood.”

The Bugatti workshops produced a large amount of this type of furniture. There are still many on the market. Therefore, there is an official rating, which depends on the period of creation, type and condition of the furniture.

We are faced with furniture that is slightly damaged, it is in its original state, let’s say.“, explains the auctioneer. “But we still have original Italian labels that confirm their sales. It is absolutely unique.” 7 pieces of furniture were eventually sold for 42,807 euros. This is above the original estimate.