The army in Krakow sells equipment.  From cars and kayaks to trombones and dentist chairs.  AMW bid for additional products [05.05]

The army in Krakow sells equipment. From cars and kayaks to trombones and dentist chairs. AMW bid for additional products [05.05]

About 70 items are on the list of post-military equipment that is being sold in the latest auction of the Krakow branch of the Military Assets Agency. The army is looking for buyers for equipment, vehicles and even musical instruments that are no longer needed or – worn out – have been replaced with new ones. Bids can be submitted until May 11. Profits from the sale of AMW will be transferred to the Military Relief Fund.

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– In addition to the usual versions of our tenders, such as transport vehicles (honkers or the STAR-200 car), this time there are also unusual versions – says Michał Pyzik from the Regional Branch of AMW in Krakow. – You can buy, for example, a fire engine or an upholstery machine for sewing upholstery materials, hemming canvases, car canvases. We have folding kayaks, a self-propelled mower, a garden tractor, medical and laboratory equipment packages, a tent for educational activities, dental units that were used in military hospitals, or tubas and percussion cymbals from an army band, he lists.

As the representative of AMW adds, thanks to the purchase of this tender, it is possible to give a second life to the items taken from the military warehouses, and at the same time to support the army, because the profit from the sale will go to the Armed Forces Support Fund, which the army can buy modern equipment.

– And only the thoughts of customers limit the use of these items offered in the tender. Some time ago, for example, a clarinet from our tender was bought by an artist who revealed that he intended to use it to make an artistic sculpture – says Michał Pyzik.

The highest starting price in this tender – PLN 13 and 11 thousand. PLN – they have high-mobility honker trucks and passenger cars (from 2000 and 1999). Three such cars are waiting for a buyer.

7 thousand PLN is the starting price of another vehicle – the STAR-200 medium-duty general-purpose vehicle. His description said it was a car with a faulty fuel pump. The year of production of this old one is 1987. Mileage of the car – 167,473 km.

The future owner will have to pay at least 8 thousand zlotys.

As for musical instruments, a B YAMAHA YBB201 tuba (brass instrument) from 2006 (starting price PLN 3,000) and a set with cymbals and a tenor slide trombone (made in 2005, starting price PLN 1,000) were tendered. . zloty).

  • tent for educational activities (dimensions: 300 cm x 300 cm x 200 cm, unfinished) – starting price 1.3 thousand. zlotys
  • ŁUCZNIK 466 sewing machine (80 W TUR-2 motor, needle system 705H, mounted on the table) – PLN 400
  • TEXTIMA upholstery machine (for sewing upholstery materials, canvas and car canvas, placed on the table) – PLN 600
  • package with three KLEPPER AERIUS COMMANDO II kayaks (unfinished) from 2000 – 1.5 thousand. zlotys
  • dental unit EKODENT-X EKO 50 (year of production 2010) – 4.3 thousand. zlotys
  • clothes iron clothes (2 items) – 3 thousand. zlotys
  • medical equipment – a bag with 18 items, including: laryngoscope, scissors, resuscitator, mammary, thermometers, special case for placing RD, oxygen cylinders, infusor – 1.2 thousand. zlotys
  • laboratory equipment – a package containing 59 items, including an autotransformer, a laboratory stirrer, a heating jacket, an ultrathermostat, standard burettes, capillaries, thermometers, a spirit burner, fingers, etc. – 2.6 thousand. zlotys
  • new folding rescue stretcher – 1.4 thousand zlotys
  • floor washing machine from 2004 – 1.6 thousand. zlotys
  • tedder-rake from 1986 – PLN 400.

The conditions for joining the tender announced by the Regional Branch of the Military Property Agency in Krakow are the payment of a deposit in the amount of 10 percent. of the starting price of a particular tender item. Bidders will be allowed to participate in the bid as long as the paid deposit is deposited into AMW’s bank account before the night of the bid.

Your offer should be delivered (sent or delivered) to the Customer Service Office at OR AMW in Krakow at ul. Montelupich 3, by May 11, 11 a.m. The Bid should be submitted on the applicable “Offer Form” to the bid coordinator, in a sealed, non-transparent envelope.

Tenders will be opened on May 11 at 12 at the headquarters of the Regional Branch of the Military Property Agency in Krakow (ul. Montelupich 3). Previously, vehicles, equipment and items put up for tender can be viewed from 26 to 28 April and 8 May from 10-13, after a telephone procedure, in several locations in Poland – eg in Krakow, Rząska, Bielsko-Biała, Bytom, Gliwice, Tarnowskie Góry, Sandomierz.

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