The back hatch of a hot car?  The new Cupra Born VZ shows that it is still possible

The back hatch of a hot car? The new Cupra Born VZ shows that it is still possible

Many people will probably say: “it’s pity is electricity.” But the new Cupra Born VZ will allow you to make spins and side jumps, and the 326 HP engine will help you break the trap. The question is, will this be enough for Born to convince the skeptics?

The acronym VZ, which Cupra labels its strongest models, has appeared on an electric car. From the outside, however, this does not mean a big change. The Borna VZ can only be identified by the special colors of Dark Forest or Midnight Black, new 20-inch rims, wider tires and the mentioned logo on the trunk lid.

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So it’s as befits a hot hatch – plain on the outside, sharper on the inside. Under the body, Cupra has prepared an electric motor with high power 326 HP and a torque of 545 Nm. Thanks to this, the first “hundred” will appear on the watch period 5,7. Less interesting is the high speed, which is “only” 200 km / halthough it is still 40 km/h more than other Cupra Born versions.

Cupra Born VZ© Press material | Cupra

It is interesting, however, that the Spaniards decided to direct this power not to all but only on the rear wheels. This, of course, gives way to the ability to fly “sideways”. As long as traction control systems allow. In addition, the Born VZ has gained 2 kWh of battery capacity compared to the standard versions (it has 79 kWh), and the declared distance is 570 kmalthough this value is still subject to change because the approval process is not yet complete.

The maximum charging power has not changed and is 170 kW. Charging the car to 80 percent should take about 30 minutes. In addition to the car itself, Cupra also improved the DCC sports suspension, making it stiffer and sharpening the steering response. Engineers also worked on better brake feel.

Cupra Born VZ

Cupra Born VZ© Press material | Cupra

To complete the image of the hot hatch, Born VZ offers special CUP Bucket seats inside, which are also available, among others. in Formentor VZ5 or Leon VZ. They are upholstered with recycled upholstery.

The car will be seen in the market only on… third quarter of 2024 Will it come to Poland? This is still unknown – the manufacturer has not released any information on this topic. However, considering the interest of Cupra cars in our market, we can expect the presence of the car. If the car appears here, it will certainly not be cheap – currently it is a weak, 231 horsepower version with a 77 kWh battery costing from PLN 232,000. zlotys. In the case of Borna VZ, we should not expect an amount below PLN 260-280 thousand. zlotys. I will just mention that the price list of the new Ford Mustang with a 5-liter V8 starts from PLN 303.5 thousand. zlotys.

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