The cast for the third season of The White Lotus has been announced

The cast for the third season of The White Lotus has been announced

Fans of White Lotus Please note: the cast of the long-awaited third season has (finally!) been announced. After two popular seasons, work is already underway behind the scenes on the new season. For those who aren’t ringing the bell… we’re talking about the HBO Max drama series. The series is set in luxury White lotus rest. The new season takes viewers to Thailand – we reveal who the actors are in this article.

White Lotus season 3: characters

A new location, new characters and a new narrative: the creators of the Emmy-winning series White Lotus have a lot for us again. While the first two seasons took place in Hawaii and Sicily, the cast and crew stayed in Thailand for the third season. In the series we will see places like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui and the Golden Triangle. Cool, right? But that’s not all, because the actors are also lovely. The following actors will star in the third season:

• Leslie Bibb (Iron Man, The Lost Husband, Zookeeper)
• Dom Hetrakul (It takes place on Valentine’s Day, Bangkok dangerous)
• Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter in Star Trek)
Michelle Monaghan (Family Plan, Mission Impossible)
Parker Posey (Good Wife, Lost in Chance)
Tayme Thapthimthong (Farang, Leather Business)
• Carrie Coon (Age of Courage)
• Walton Goggins (Confirm it)
• Patrick Schwarzenegger (Midnight Sun)
• Sam Nivola (Maestro)
• Sarah Catherine Hook (Deception: The Devil Made Me Do It)
• Aimee Lou Wood (Sex Education)
• Lisa (K-pop girl group Blackpink)

Don’t worry, because we’ll see a familiar face in season three as well. We’re talking about none other than Belinda (played by Natasha Rothwell). In season 1 he played a beautiful resort spa manager and potential new lover of Tanya. But unfortunately we will probably have to miss Tanya (played by Jennifer Coolidge). Too bad, considering he was a huge favorite among many viewers.

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White Lotus Season 3: Release Date

If we can start the new season soon drunkenness? Unfortunately, we still have to be patient – JAN editors can’t wait in secret any longer. The third season of White Lotus it was supposed to premiere in early 2024, but that didn’t happen. The recording of the third season only started last February, which means that the release date is not until 2025. So wait another year. Still up for some anticipation? Then dream of being in the fairytale villa from season 2 – this villa is on Airbnb!

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