The driver of the dacia “was at the gate of Saint Peter”.  Scary pictures – o2

The driver of the dacia “was at the gate of Saint Peter”. Scary pictures – o2

A scary video to warn all drivers who posted “Stop Pirat” on YouTube. It’s a channel, who regularly posts webcam recordings. The videos often show the careless behavior of drivers and the negative consequences they can cause.

Horrible opening sequence

The record shows a fatal accident. The passenger Dacia was walking along its path, but at some point it ran against the current and collided head-on with an oncoming truck.

Witnesses to the incident immediately called the appropriate services. According to the witness of the incident, who sent the video to the “Stop Pirat” channel, in order to save the driver, they opened the front door of his side with sticks.

He miraculously escaped with his life

An ambulance quickly arrived at the scene, and after a few minutes the police also arrived. The doctors did everything they could to save the man. Fortunately, the driver of the Dacia escaped with his life.

He survived. The first 5 minutes after the collision he was at the “doors of St. Peter”, but an ambulance came and they took him back from this street and brought him back to life – the video author’s opinion (the original letter was preserved)

The driver could fall asleep behind the wheel

Currently, there is no information about the possible cause of the accident. Witnesses suggest that the dacia driver fell asleep behind the wheel. There were also reports that he had heart problems and that the accident was caused by fainting.

As the writers of the “Stop Pirat” channel emphasize, the recording was published as a warning.

Let’s remember about the complete assembly while driving. It’s not always possible to control fatigue, and fractions of a second are enough for it to end badly, they write.

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