The end seems to be near for the cheapest new car in the Netherlands |  Car

The end seems to be near for the cheapest new car in the Netherlands | Car

Today’s cheapest new car doesn’t seem to have a long life anymore. The Mitsubishi Mirage, which is sold here as the Space Star, is being discontinued, Mitsubishi reports on its Japanese website.

Although prices have risen again from 2023, the Mitsubishi Spacestar yet the cheapest new car you can currently order in the Netherlands. For at least 15,990 euros, the new Star Star is at your door. The question, however, is how long.

Sky Star has already aged almost ten years and it seems that the end is now near. On Mitsubishi Japan’s website, the following announcement was made about the car sold there as the Mirage: “Due to the end of Mirage production, we may not be able to meet customer requests for body color, options, etc.”

Built in Thailand

Initially, nothing is known about the end of the model, but that does not seem to be too long to come. Mitsubishi manufactures the Mirage/Space Star in Thailand. Articles sent to Europe also come from there. Here in the Netherlands it is still possible to configure SkyStar as you wish.

According to Mitsubishi Netherlands, the Space Star will be available here until the end of 2023. Production for Europe will therefore continue for some time. “The Space Star is Mitsubishi Motors’ most popular model in Europe, with sales of around 29,000 units in Europe by 2022,” said a Mitsubishi spokesman, who claims the model will remain in production.

The Hyundai i10 will soon be the cheapest new car in the Netherlands

When the Mitsubishi Space Star disappears from the market, the Hyundai i10 will be the cheapest new car in the Netherlands – as it is now. Available from 16,595 euros. With a reasonable price tag, the Mitsubishi Space Star still attracts a significant Dutch clientele, despite its age. In 2022, 1411 copies were sold. The peak year was 2018, when 3335 units left the showroom.

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