The Jaguar E-Type gets the 750 hp 2JZ engine from the Supra

The Jaguar E-Type gets the 750 hp 2JZ engine from the Supra

Japanese automaker Eneos has launched its version of the Jaguar E-Type. Or yes, not at all. The car you see above has not been identified as a Jaguar E-Type for some time now. The change began when the source of energy was changed.

Instead of the British 4.2-liter six-cylinder, there is now a 3.0-liter turbo engine inherited from the Toyota Supra. Yes, the Jaguar E-Type got a 2JZ engine. The powerplant received a new cylinder head, better injection, better fuel system, strengthened pistons and connecting rods, a Borg Warner turbo and a better intercooler.

The finished product produces 760 horsepower, more than double the previous Japanese engine. Oh, and also more six-cylinder Jaguars produced in the 1960s. And the engine isn’t the only part that doesn’t come from Jaguar.

Even more parts from other cars

The five-speed manual gearbox was lifted from the E36-generation M3. The rear subframe, suspension and differential also come from Bimmer, but from the E60 5 series. The 3D printed wheel arches are made of carbon fiber and are armored. They take special 17-inch wheels.

Jaguar E-Type Aeneas

Still not enough? The front brakes are from a 2003 Corvette, the rear brakes from a thirteen-year-old BMW 535i. There is nothing inside that points to a Jaguar. The dashboard is bare except for a few switches, the steering wheel has been replaced with an OMP replica, there are racing belts and custom carbon fiber seats.

The Eneos isn’t successful everywhere: ‘This Jaguar replacement certainly lives up to the Frankenstein theme of yesteryear and goes a long way in using modern technology to update the classic British sports car.’ Visitors to the SEMA auto show in Las Vegas can marvel at Jaguar at the show.