The list of Logiman Mythical Cars Rally participants has been published.  Here’s who will be there and what you need to know

The list of Logiman Mythical Cars Rally participants has been published. Here’s who will be there and what you need to know

The Mythical Car Racing event, along with the Varzi rally, promises an extraordinary experience for car enthusiasts and rally fans alike. This five-day celebration, starting on May 24th and ending on May 28th, will feature some of the greatest cars in the history of motorsports and renowned world champions who will be driving them.

The event boasts a variety of attractions, including DJ shows by Danilo Rossini, the opportunity to indulge in the finest cuisine from Northern Italy, and thrilling rallying events from three of the most captivating decades of the World Rally Championship. It is worth noting that anyone who hoped to participate but missed the chance to join this new and exhilarating event in Italy will be disappointed, as the Logiman Mythical Cars Rally is officially at full capacity.

Among the notable participants will be the Finnish duo Marcus Gronholm and Timo Rautiainen, who will reunite in a rally car for the first time in four years. They will be returning to the Subaru Impreza WRC, a car they had previously driven to win two world titles in the late nineties. Their presence adds to the excitement, as they remain influential figures in the sport.

Another highly anticipated driver is Alistair McRae, the son of Jimmy McRae and brother of Colin McRae, and now the father of Max McRae. Alistair McRae is widely regarded as one of the world’s best rally drivers. His appearance in Varzi, particularly with the legendary “Mythical Car” Subaru Impreza 555 Group A, prepared by the esteemed Italian company BEST Impreza, has generated significant interest.

Furthermore, Andreas Mikkelsen will showcase his talents in the Škoda Fabia S2000, the car that initially propelled his victorious career in the world rally championship. Mikkelsen’s recent impressive performance at Rally Portugal, where he secured a podium finish in the WRC2 category, has solidified his appeal and further elevated expectations for his participation.

Burcu Çetinkaya, a Turkish driver, will also capture attention as she takes the wheel of a Mini R4, a turbocharged four-wheel-drive car equipped with an ORECA kit. Additionally, Alessandro Gino, an Italian gentleman, will participate in his Citroën C3 WRC Plus, the same car that Sébastien Ogier, an eight-time world champion, competed in 2019. The presence of such high-quality cars and drivers will undoubtedly make the Logiman Mythical Cars Rally an exceptional experience.

Andrew Adam, a consultant for Mythical Car Racing, expressed their aim to create an event that appeals to rally enthusiasts from the 1990s to the conclusion of the World Rally Car era in 2019. With a comprehensive lineup of cars from various categories such as Group A, Super 1600, Kit Cars, R-GT, Super 2000, and World Rally Cars, the event promises to be truly special. While the outcome remains uncertain, Andrew Adam emphasizes that attendees who have a genuine passion for this remarkable era of motorsport will undoubtedly be winners in their own right.

The event also caters to families, offering entertainment in the service garden and nightly performances by exceptional musicians and DJs. The organizers have successfully sold out all available spots for the 37 participating cars, leaving no room for additional vehicles. The Varzi service park will be the central hub for this event, providing the ideal space to accommodate the participants and their cars.