The luxurious DS 7 Crossback – avant-garde for those who need it the most.  Success of DS Automobiles |

The luxurious DS 7 Crossback – avant-garde for those who need it the most. Success of DS Automobiles |

The DS 7 Crossback is a premium SUV, elegantly finished, with many stylish features that will satisfy the most demanding customers. It stands out from the crowd of Audi, BMW and Mercedes cars and has something that no amount of money can buy from its competitors: a solid, artistic, even avant-garde style.

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DS Automobiles is a French brand that decided to enter the premium segment in its own, original way. The slogan that defined it from the beginning was the avant-garde spirit, which was later copied in a completely inappropriate way by Lexus in the form of “premium class avant-garde”. The DS 7 Crossback has been a huge success on the market and for good reason. It is a beautiful SUV, solidly designed and well thought out, with many stylistic solutions that make it popular in the market, such as the rotating lights or the diamond pattern. Luxurious materials such as leather and steel in the interior emphasize the high quality of the car, and the interior is based on the best traditions of the French school of design and style.

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DS 7 Crossback interior. The car can be equipped with very rich equipment, including a hybrid 4 × 4 and night vision.

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DS Automobiles provides cars for people who need something more. Who appreciate beauty, originality and high quality. There is also a very large dose of comfort here. We have been driving this car in the editorial office for several months and every time the ride is fun and gives us a lot of fun. Luxury and beauty combine here to become something that can be, in its own way, a work of avant-garde art. You can see more and more of these cars on Polish streets, which is good because the manufacturer does not advertise the brand at all. It’s a pity, because the experience of visiting a beautiful, DS Store’s state-of-the-art showrooms, is unique. Dark, elegant, subtle interiors, special aromas, comfortable sofas and a general sense of luxury are found here.

The DS 7 Crossback’s beautiful front end features welcoming dancing lights

The DS 7 Crossback is the brand’s most popular model. In 2021, almost 25,000 copies of this very successful car entered the market. At the end of the year, the new DS 4 also appeared in showrooms, a luxury compact, very reasonably priced and offering a completely new interior design and redefining the segment of the first compact. According to the manufacturer, the luxury DS 4 could account for up to 50% of sales in the coming years.

DS 9 luxury limousine – wheelbase is about 2.9 meters, it offers comfort and great space inside.

The French have achieved great success in this difficult area. Despite the dominance of the Germans and the huge position of the Audi, BMW and Mercedes brands, they have managed to carve out their own piece of the pie and are trying to expand it by introducing new models. It is worth emphasizing that they are constantly developing the series, because with DS 4, it was also seen. A large, luxurious limousine, namely the DS 9. This refined and comfortable car has a body made in China, but the final assembly takes place in Russelheim, Germany. We were pleased with it during our several-day test. Although the car appeared late, it also attracted some journalists and received good reviews.

The DS 9’s well-rounded equipment list includes night vision with a pedestrian and animal warning system. It turns on automatically.

The brand is also facing new challenges, including: the introduction of 100% electric vehicles. Today, DS luxury cars are mainly offered as plug-in hybrids, only the DS 3 Crossback, a city hatchback, has a 100% electric motor. The brand announces that from By 2024, it will use only electric drives, but this declaration is perhaps a little premature. The market is not yet ready for such actions.

The highest quality finishing materials in the DS9.

DS Automobiles has achieved undeniable success. Customers like cars, and the group of owners is always growing, also in Poland. And this is good – because a large choice and competition is always beneficial for customers. DS Automobiles is being watched with envy by another French manufacturer, who wants to benefit from this experience by working on the Alpine brand. Within the Stellantis group itself, other premium brands are expected to follow in DS’s footsteps.

And DS Automobiles is announcing the newest model. We look forward to you.

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