The new 2024 Audi A5 Avant breaks down at the Nürburgring, these curious spy photos capture the key moment

The new 2024 Audi A5 Avant breaks down at the Nürburgring, these curious spy photos capture the key moment

The new Audi A5 Avant 2024 is already being tested at the Nürburgring circuit. The latest tests of the model on the German track, after going through the winter ones, have not gone down well with the renowned family member with the four rings. These spy photos show the prototype waiting to be picked up by the German track assistance.

It is the second time that the prototypes of the new Audi A5 Avant 2024 go through the circuit nurburgringafter a first occasion that took place last autumn in a first foray with some very initial adjustments that are now closer to those of the production model after going through its second winter tests and keys in the development of the new models.

But it does not seem that the improvements implemented by the technicians of the brand with the four rings have had the expected effect in these new days of testing on the German track. The renowned family of the German brand, confirmed its integration into the range TO 5has been left lying on the shoulder of the circuit, as shown by these curious spy photos. The circumstances are unknown, but the driver was seen forced to require assistance from the Nürburgring to remove the prototype from the track and not cause an accident.

The prototype of the new Audi A5 Avant 2024 breaks down at the Nürburgring

2024 Audi A5 Avant spy photos at the Nurburgring

A possible electrical failure points to one of the most probable causes, since one of the members of the assistance was in a position to introduce the old A4 Front in the truck moved to the incident, without the need for a towline, to return to the base of the German firm and study what has happened. According to the images, it is a combustion unit and not a PHEV, possibly equipped with a six-cylinder engine due to the new exhausts that it sportsmore typical of a version with superior mechanics.

A fact more usual than the account but that, on the vast majority of occasions, tends to go unnoticed, but on this occasion, and to the misfortune of the driver and the brand with the four rings, it has been immortalized. The only detail of these images, since the test unit maintains a heavy camouflage on its back and the new tail lights that we have already seen, united by a light bar that provide a more sophisticated touch to the first family member of the A5 range.

The new Audi A5 Avant will be launched on the market in 2024

A camouflage that will not lose until it is presented but not in 2023, since the program of new launches of the German brand for the second half of the year are already assigned: the third generation of the Audi Q5 and the unprecedented Q6 e-tron, two SUVs and the second 100% electric, are the two great novelties that will debut in the coming months, leaving the debut and marketing of this family for the first half of 2024.

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