The new battery and the best Mercedes Benz EQS model for 2025 – L’annual de l’automobile

The new battery and the best Mercedes Benz EQS model for 2025 – L’annual de l’automobile

Mercedes-Benz is making major changes to the all-electric EQS ​​sedan, for the 2025 model year. The updates are aimed at expanding the vehicle’s range, refreshing the exterior styling and improving rear comfort.

Increased independence and efficiency

At the heart of the changes is a new 118 kWh battery pack that increases the EQS’s battery life compared to the current model. Paired with an improved braking program to increase energy savings, the 2025 EQS promises a significant increase in range on a single charge, but Mercedes hasn’t released specific figures.

Redesigned exterior styling

Visual updates start at the front with a redesigned bumper including a new grille with chrome slats that contrast with the black panel of the current model. The new Mercedes star, placed on the hood, adds to the brand’s signature. The AMG Line body style is now also standard.

A more luxurious living space

However, it is in the cabin and especially in the rear seats that we find some of the most important modifications. Models with Pinnacle trim and the optional Executive Interior Package can now fold the front passenger seat to open up legroom. The back angle of the rear seat can now be adjusted up to 38 degrees, which is complemented by rapid seat heating, neck / shoulder heating and pneumatic cushion depth adjustment. Even the standard rear seats benefit from upgrades such as reclining up to 36 degrees, thicker foam padding and a layered design for better individual comfort. Intricate touches such as contrast stitching and Nappa leather piping add to the luxurious ambiance.

Screens, more screens

On the technology front, the large MBUX Hyperscreen, which now stretches to nearly 56 inches, comes standard, combining three screens on a single curved glass panel. Under the body work, the heat pump system increases autonomy by processing waste heat. At the same time, the disconnect unit can disconnect the front electric motor in the 4MATIC versions when it is not needed, to reduce wear on the battery.


Other cool innovations include a special function to keep the brake pads constant against the disc when regenerative braking is under heavy load, and rolling software updates enable new features such as Dolby Atmos full sound and expanded digital services. The redesigned 2025 Mercedes-Benz EQS sedan is expected to arrive in Canadian stores later in 2024. Exact trim levels, pricing and exact specifications will be confirmed closer to the market launch date. Currently, the information provided reflects the dimensions of the US market.

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