The new BMW M design could be named Citroën

The new BMW M design could be named Citroën

( – When it comes to the best performance cars from the three major German brands, then Audi yes R8 and Mercedes Benz yes AMG GT similarly recently Hypercar One and the F1 engine in the app. But how bmw? The concept of Vision M Next also fits in this category but was never reached as production production plans were removed.

BMW X8 2023


However, it appears that the M car to its right is still in the pipeline, with the so-called M version X8 thought now is the tailor-made high-performance BMW could be. Our friends from BMW BLOG they have learned from a reliable source that the official name of the car will be XM and not X8 M.

Why does this name seem so common to you? Citroën sold the front wheel hatchback and hydropneumatic suspension under the XM name from 1989 to 2000, before being replaced by the C5 a year later.

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The new SUV brand from Bavaria, dubbed “Project Rockstar”, is scheduled to begin production in December 2022 and will begin assembling by November 2027, which is in line with a shorter life cycle. Up to 23-inch wheels with a modern rear axle variant are designed as standard equipment. It is expected to receive a state-of-the-art autonomous driving system by mid-2023, but real magic happens under the hood.

Although it will not be the modern revival of the mid-1970s M1 engine, the XM will have an impressive power train – if the rumors are reliable. A 4.4-liter dual V8 is said to connect to an electric engine and increase performance to more than 700 hp. That could make the M5 CS even more powerful Replace the BMW series car.

In terms of price, BMWBLOG reports that XM can cost at least € 180,000. Just by comparison: That could be 80,000 euros better than the current starting price of the X6 M. Uff.

Source: BMW BLOG

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