The new Dacia Duster III through the eyes of a Polish customer.  “I’m setting up this car, I feel like Michael Jackson” |

The new Dacia Duster III through the eyes of a Polish customer. “I’m setting up this car, I feel like Michael Jackson” |

The new Dacia Duster made its public debut at the Poznań motor show. The premiere attracted many curious people, so we took the opportunity to ask visitors to the Motor Show 2024 what impressions the third generation offers around.

The car’s modern design attracted huge crowds in Poznań, and it’s no wonder. Dacia models did a great job. The body of the 3rd generation Duster looks amazing. In addition, the manufacturer improved the modern interior and added a hybrid car to offer. There are many changes and although the list of new features smells of a big price increase, the new Dacia Duster is offered at the same starting level. PLN 79,900. When asked: what do you think about the new Duster, visitors to the Poznań Motor Show focused on the attractive appearance of the body, proportions and affordable price.

The new Dacia Duster is a bit of a surprise

“Dacia cars are looking better and better and the new Duster is a bit of a surprise” – said one of the visitors looking at the model during the auto show in Poznań. “We can see references to previous models, especially since the dimensions are the same. I feel very positive about this model and I see that others also like it. The new bronze-colored equipment, which we already saw at the end of the second generation in the Extreme version, with a new paint color that should match the earth tones, it looks attractive. The new Dacia Duster certainly attracts attention.

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Mr. Tomasz, who would be the owner of the predecessor, also looked at the Duster. “This model is a matter of many things, because my wife and I have been considering Duster for a few years, but something always stopped: the quality of service in the showroom or the failure to fulfill the contract” – he says. “We ordered a car with the special features we choose, but it arrived completely different from the one specified in the contract. Therefore, we did not take the car. Unfortunately, my wife didn’t like it.”

Second try?

“The second time we were in the hands of professionals, which coincided with the premiere of the new generation, which looks really divine. Besides, for this money you cannot buy a four-wheel drive on the Polish market, so my wife and I decided buy a new Duster.

Honestly, when I set up this car, I feel like Michael Jackson. I choose all the options and order the so-called “maxa”, ie the maximum level of equipment. Dacia Duster is reasonably priced compared to other manufacturers’ offerings.

Apart from the price, were you convinced by the style?

The car’s styling is something that will certainly attract attention, but the Dacia Duster has some familiar solutions from other cars, such as the removable door handles on the Toyota CH-R’s C-pillar.

Aesthetic values ​​are one thing, but there is also another side of the coin. Design Wipe off the dust inspires confidence, especially plastics are in sensitive areas, that is, where corrosion usually occurs. Plastic-coated paintwork is not very susceptible, so I don’t expect any hot flashes any time soon.

What is your opinion before buying?

I wanted to see a color that is new to the sale. It is impossible to fully evaluate on the computer whether the Duster looks good in it. You have to see it live. However, the final decision has already been made: we choose a color that can be seen at the fair in Poznań, a 4-wheel drive and a complete choice.

Thank you and congratulations on your purchase!

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