The new DS7 surprised me.  This is not your average couch potato.  Test, first trip

The new DS7 surprised me. This is not your average couch potato. Test, first trip

DS, the French premium brand, is constantly expanding its model range, but it is also starting to bring it back. The French have now unveiled what they say is the most important model in the range, the DS7 Crossback. However, the facelift changed the name of the car slightly and the Crossback note disappeared from the name of the SUV. On the rear hatch there is a broad inscription “DS Cars”. In addition, the improvement of the car included its appearance, the range of engines and the introduction of new technologies.

The front of the French SUV has a slightly different grill and less chrome. The daytime running lights have also changed their appearance, giving the impression that they penetrate the body of the car. At the back, the lights have been modernized and are now softer, and the number of chrome pieces has also been reduced. Stylists tried to visually expand the car and they succeeded. The DS7 can now also be equipped with 21-inch wheels.

The changes are not spectacular, but it is clear from the start that we are dealing with a refreshed car and, despite five years on the market, the facelift has made it look attractive and modern.

Photo: Mateusz Pokorzyński / Auto Świat


New DS7 – improved technology

However, during the facelift, engineers focused more on technical aspects. The SUV got modern PIXEL LED lights consisting of three modules. The lights have 84 LEDs in three rows and improve light management. This means, of course, that the computer will “cut off” other cars so that they do not blind the drivers in the field of light. The range of the new lights is about 380 meters, and the width of the light beam at a speed of less than 50 km / h is 65 meters, which will allow you to see the side of the road better.

The infotainment system is also new and can now be customized according to your preferences. Even though it doesn’t have perfect fluidity, it didn’t bother me much during the first trips. The style of the system remained avant-garde, as befits a French car.

Other systems mentioned by the manufacturer include an improved Night Vision mode, as well as a driver fatigue monitoring system consisting of two lenses – it monitors the driver’s condition based on eyes, eyelids and facial movements.


Photo: DS


The new DS7 – focus on hybrids

A lot has also changed in terms of engine range. A diesel engine is still available, although it seems a little forced there. “Ropniak” only has 130 HP, so it won’t be a speed demon. Below are hybrid options with power outputs: 225, 300 and 360 HP. The last two proposals have four-wheel drive.

I had the opportunity to drive a car with a more powerful engine. The car has two electric motors, one per axle (81 kW at the front and 83 kW at the back), and a combustion engine with a power of 200 HP. System power is 360 HP. It is a plug-in hybrid with a 14.2 kWh battery that allows you to travel about 60 km on electricity alone.

It is this version that the French are most proud of. Interestingly, when driving this car, I had the feeling that it was closer to the sporty feeling associated with German cars than French comfort.

The new DS7 – is it really a French car?

The winding roads around Nice showed that the car drives very sporty. Taking a corner was a pleasure, and the DS7 with this engine is over-manageable. The sports character of the car is also revealed by Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires. With a sprint to 100 km / h of 5.6 seconds, we get an absolute family torpedo.


Photo: Mateusz Pokorzyński / Auto Świat


The suspension is lowered by 15 mm and the wheel track is increased by 24 mm at the front and 10 mm at the rear. This means that comfort suffers. There is no reason to expect traditional French swimming when conquering the dunes. You can just feel the holes, even the smallest ones. This is due to the large wheels, so if you expect great comfort, it is better to go for weaker versions of the engine. This stronger style shows that you want to steal customers from the Germans.

The new DS7 – you can see who the French are aiming for

The more powerful version of the DS7 has been played to a level that more closely matches the competition it competes with. Do customers expect this from French cars? We will see. On the other hand, this is probably what should be expected from more powerful versions of the engine. Fortunately, the brand also offers lighter versions, which should also offer more comfort, while leaving performance at a high level. It also appears that the French are ditching hybrids in favor of diesel engines. Although it remains in the range, it is unlikely to be a bestseller and perhaps it should be.