The new Land Rover Defender Octa is luxury at its best

The new Land Rover Defender Octa is luxury at its best

For those who are not satisfied with the performance, a new one is coming Land Rover Octa Defender, more powerful. The starting point is already very high: the 525 HP V8 is already in the price list. But this, the Octa, currently a prototype (it will be shown for the first time in the next few months) is better than that. Why that name? It shows the octahedron cut of the diamond, shown in the body work and special badge: he used a titanium disc with a shiny black diamond. So luxury marries the power of the British car. With diamonds, he intends to focus on the company, which is “the hardest natural substance on Earth and the most valuable due to its rarity”.

The technology used is really modern Defender Octa equipped, especially with reference to the 6D Dynamics suspension. Using hydraulic connections between components, it controls slope and pitch with scientific precision. Transport and independent wheel articulation are promoted in the most desirable area of ​​the road. The car becomes easy to drive even for novice drivers, remaining attached to the asphalt. Land Rover put the car through its paces on off-road terrain, from the Nürburgring to the ice of Sweden, through the deserts of Dubai and the rocks of Moab, with all kinds of temperatures and conditions.

Details of the new Land Rover Octa Defender

If the Defender icon faces an impossible (‘Embrace the impossible’) and built to be desirable and durable, this modern hero turns into a more exciting vehicle. The beating heart of the all-terrain high-performance protagonist is called the V8 Twin biturbo hybrid. The results of the engine side need to be evaluated: 5.0 liters and Land Rover and Jaguar volumetric compressor may also decrease, and 4.4 liters of BMW origin with 635 HP and 750 Nm leaving. On the other hand, this is already pushing the Range Rover Sport SV, to the total satisfaction of drivers.

It is speculated that the Defender Octa will stimulate the desires of customers especially in the United States and the Middle East, more than in the Old Continent. It’s all part of the strategy ‘Rethink’ Of Jaguar Land Rovera sustainable vision of modern luxury through design.


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