The new MINI Cooper: MINI 3-Door with a combustion engine.  – Car news

The new MINI Cooper: MINI 3-Door with a combustion engine. – Car news

Within the new model family, MINI determines the performance levels of its petrol engines for the MINI Cooper with the letter C and for the enhanced performance model with the letter S. The impressive powertrain position of the new MINI 3-Door is supplemented by two . efficient petrol engines with a choice of three or four cylinders. The Go-Kart feel of the brand is even more evident in the new MINI generation. MINI Cooper’s minimalist design is a combination of the brand’s traditional values ​​and attractive openness.

“At MINI, ‘Power of Choice’ means that in addition to fully electric MINI models, we also offer models with a petrol engine. The car is ideal for anyone who wants to drive a ‘regular’ MINI 3-Door and appreciates traditional performance and the unique sound of the combustion engine,” says Stefanie Wurst, Head of MINI.

The interior is based on a classic minimalist design with new materials. Technical innovations such as the MINI Operating System 9, new MINI Experience modes and a range of digital functions ensure an impressive user experience.

Two powerful storage options

With an output of 150kW/204 hp, the four-cylinder engine of the MINI Cooper S accelerates (combined fuel consumption: 6.7 – 6.1 l/100 km, with CO2 emissions: 150 – 138 g/km according to WLTP) in seconds 6.6 from 0 to 100 km / h and a maximum torque of 300 Nm. The 115 kW/156 hp three-cylinder engine of the MINI Cooper C (combined fuel consumption: 6.5 – 5.9 l/100 km, with CO2 emissions: 146 – 133 g/km according to WLTP) produces a torque of 230 Nm and hasten. the car from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.7 seconds.

The MINI Cooper has a suspension and damping system designed for the ultimate Go-Kart feel. The MINI’s precise, standard steering and powerful brakes ensure a high level of safety and comfort.


With a clean design and strong appearance, the new MINI Cooper represents the core idea of ​​the brand: the ultimate Go-Kart feeling with a small ecological footprint. The modern minimalism of the new design is characterized by clear surfaces of the body. Short pillars and short hoods match the long wheelbase, giving the car typical MINI proportions.

At the front, the new octagonal grille further defines the MINI Cooper’s characteristic shape. The BMW Group’s smallest radar sensor to date is located on the horizontal support between the air intakes. A total of 12 onboard sensors in the MINI Cooper support driver assistance systems and increase driver safety.

Horizontal LED daytime running lights emphasize a fresh look in a classic layout. The striking appearance is enhanced by three selectable light signatures for MINI LED daytime running lights and redesigned matrix rear lights.

All three selectable light signatures start and end with a special welcome or farewell animation.

Interior: classic, innovative, MINI

The elegant interior design of the MINI Cooper is inspired by the classic Mini. A new steering wheel, a round OLED display, a classic MINI-style joystick with rocker switches and a two-tone cloth dashboard create a sense of spaciousness in the cockpit. Clean lines are the hallmark of the modern interior and its generous space. The (optional) panoramic glass sliding roof contributes to a light and friendly atmosphere. By folding the rear seats in a 60:40 ratio, the luggage compartment can be easily expanded from 210 liters to a volume of up to 725 liters.

The main driving functions (parking brake, gear lever, start/stop ‘key’, mode switch, volume control) are directly accessible via the joystick. The gear knob in the center console gives way to the new Wireless Charging Rack 2.0. Smartphones can be placed here and charged wirelessly.

The MINI Interactive Unit is close to the driver in the MINI Cooper-Cockpit. The diameter of the thin OLED display with high definition and high quality glass edge is 240mm. The operating logic is similar to that of a smartphone and can be operated intuitively by touch.

Relevant vehicle-related information, such as speed and fuel consumption, is displayed at the top of the screen. In the main menu, functions are arranged horizontally as icons and can be selected by swiping and touching. In the lower part of the OLED display, navigation of menu items, media, phone and weather can be selected directly at any time.

Digital design for deep user experience

As part of MINI’s Optional modes, two projector units project different images projected onto the dashboard. The interplay of visual design, ambient lighting and sound design transforms the look of the cockpit and offers new possibilities for personalizing the MINI Cooper.

Each mode has its own dynamic nature and can be selected according to the personal preferences of the driver. In private mode, a personal photo can be set as a display background through the MINI app. The primary colors of the image then spread across the cloth surfaces of the dashboard and door panels as illuminated images.

Drive safe, arrive safe

The new MINI Cooper offers numerous driver assistance systems for a safe and comfortable Go-Kart feel. The Safe Exit function monitors the area around the parked vehicle as usual and warns approaching road users before the door is opened. The function not only delays opening the doors, but also uses light signals outside the car to warn of a possible collision.

On the road, the optional MINI Navigation package provides support for 3D visualization and Augmented View, displays current traffic conditions, provides information about parking options, including digital payment options, and much more. Camera- and radar-based assistance functions enhance safety by supporting navigation and lane-keeping as part of the comprehensive Driving Assistant package. Automatic speed and distance control make city driving much easier.

Just say “Hey MINI” to activate the MINI intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA) on the OLED screen. The 3D image then appears in the form of a ‘car’ avatar or optional British MINI “Spike” digital companion. When interacting with MINI IPA, the driver can use his voice to control various options, such as navigation, phone, entertainment and other functions of the car.

The innovative MINI Digital Key Plus function turns a smartphone into a car key via the MINI app. The welcome animation of the front and rear lights starts as soon as the driver is less than three meters; the doors are opened when the driver is less than one and a half meters away. This convenient car experience can be digitally transferred to different users, including their personal car settings.

Four pieces for an individual look

New variants of essential, Standard, Preferred and JCW accessories offer a wide range of customization options. Depending on the trim, the new MINI Cooper C and MINI Cooper S are available with different body finishes and interior finishes.

The body colors can be combined with one of the four roof colors to give a different contrast. Color combinations are specific to the trim, for example an exclusive option with the Preferred Trim package is Spray-Tech’s signature Multitone Roof design. This has a gradient in three colors. New, aerodynamically optimized models are available with 16- to 18-inch aluminum wheels.