The new Mini – in an electric version, will come to us from China

The new Mini – in an electric version, will come to us from China

  • The diesel and electric versions will be offered on different platforms in factories in different parts of the world

  • The small 3-door hatchback wants to be mini again – the external dimensions will be reduced, which will not necessarily affect the size of the cabin.

  • Instead of fumbling around with a series of keys, the all-new digital interior in the style of the electric BMW iX.

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The new Mini will be built in Oxford as before, while production of the electric variant will go to China for the first time. The manufacturer has published a photo of the tested electric variant, identified by the inscription on the door “Electric Test Vehicle”. The car in the photo is carefully hidden, but – if one can distinguish from the shape of the body of the model – major stylistic changes should not be expected, although the head of Mini Bernd Körber announced in one of the interviews that the new generation in question. of the structure will make “the biggest step in the last 20 years.” “.

According to previous announcements, the new generation of Mini will have smaller dimensions – this is the manufacturer’s answer to the opposition of the current model, which some fans of the brand seem to have too little mini. This trend was announced by Bernd Körber in 2020 in an interview with journalists from the sister magazine Auto Express, published in England. Then he talked about “making the three-door hatch as small as possible.” It looks like a competition Fiat 500.

Electric variant of the new Mini – from China

The new Mini has a more sloping windshield, which improves its aerodynamic properties and, as a result, reduces energy requirements. A good forecast for the electric version. The new generation of electric Mini will be built on a new platform developed in cooperation between BMW and the Chinese A big wallem. According to “Auto Express”, the British-produced diesel Mini will look similar to the electric one, but its basis will be the BMW-designed FAAR platform, a derivative of the current Mini modular UKL platform.

What else can be read from this picture and others circulating on the web? We don’t know much about the shape of the lights – front and rear – the ones on the model are fake. You can see, however, that the mirrors are attached to the bottom of the front pillar, and not to the doors as before. Besides: while the external dimensions have to be reduced, the interior can remain the same size as the current model. The new Mini has very short overhangs, so the wheel can be (a lot) changed.

The interior design of the new Mini should be completely modernized. Instead of a set of nostalgic round clocks, the next generation of the small hatchback is most likely to get a wide rectangular display, connecting the instrument panel to the multimedia screen, similar to the one installed on the electric SUV. BMW iX. It would really be a Mini-revolution!

The future of electric Mini

What about other versions of the new Mini? The convertible is announced for 2025. The manufacturer also does not want to leave the strongest variant – John Cooper Works. It is possible, however, that the next Small JCW it will be an electric car.

In addition, one year after the new Mini, in 2024, the new electric crossover of the British brand will debut, which will strengthen the position of the British brand in China. Is this the end of Citizen? No, but the next generation SUV will be larger than the current model and will also be available in combustion versions. In 2030, Mini intends to switch to the production of electric cars only.

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