The new Toyota C-HR: again ‘just’ daring

The new Toyota C-HR: again ‘just’ daring

Toyota injected itself with a surprising dose of renewal in 2016. Toyota would be more active in terms of design and technology and with the first generation C-HR that saw the light of day in 2016, it gave the first proof of this. That Cold man Hugh Ridr will be followed this year in a completely new style. The new Toyota C-HR will also be a resolutely designed crossover, although we’re not too surprised in the current times of near-baroque car design. The new Toyota C-HR will make its public appearance shortly and today we can show you better than ever. At least, a real car.

Toyota C-HR Prologue (Concept, 2022).

In early September 2022, AutoWeek surfaced patent drawings of the new Toyota C-HR. The plates already showed the final production version of Toyota’s new crossover. Toyota has already shown the C-HR itself in concept form and not later sent the first fully loaded prototypes. This new set of photos shows the new C-HR in a stylish sticker sheet that leaves nothing to be desired. In fact, almost all the shapes, curves and angles of the second generation Toyota C-HR are already visible.

AutoWeek can already show you the new 2022 Toyota C-HR in a patent image.

Toyota gives the new C-HR a rear light that is mounted high on the butt. Above the flat rear window we see – just like on the earlier patent plates – a rear spoiler with two upper sections. The rear bumper deserves a mention for its prominent strong shapes, such as the door handles. What is also interesting is the front part with the new C-shaped Toyota models. We get an interesting detail on the mouth of the gap, where the muzzle of the new C-HR is surprisingly closed. The curves in the bonnet connect visually to the front wings with a line that runs from there to a slight dip at the rear the length of the A-pillar.

Toyota Small SU EV Concept

SU EV Sub-Concept (2021): C-HR Prologue version or a different electric sub-model?

Will there also be a fully electric Toyota C-HR? Not entirely unlikely, but nothing is impossible. The Small SU EV was among the many research models presented by Toyota in December 2021. The study of the electric model shows strong external similarities with the C-HR, so it is obvious that Toyota will come up with an electric version of the C-HR. But is it sure? Nope. After all, Toyota is also coming up with the bZ3X, an electric SUV sibling that is one step below the bZ4X. It is certain that the new C-HR will be available with both hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains. The new C-HR may already be based on Toyota’s new ‘E3 platform’, a common base that combines parts of the TNGA platform family with the e-TNGA electric architecture. The powertrain of the new Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid can already deliver what you can expect from the heart of the C-HR plug-in.

Toyota C-HR in the Netherlands

The Toyota C-HR is currently available as a 122 hp 1.8 Hybrid and as a more powerful 2.0 High Power Hybrid with a system power of 184 hp. The current model is not available with a plug-in hybrid powertrain. Since the introduction of the Toyota C-HR to the Dutch market in 2016, almost 21,500 copies have been registered in the Netherlands. In 2018, the C-HR had its best Dutch sales year. Then around 4,700 copies found a Dutch home. In 2022, shipments remained at 2,057 units. In that year, the crossover – like this year so far – had to endure Corolla, Yaris, Yaris Cross and Aygo.