The owner of the most expensive car in the Netherlands quickly got tired of his car

The owner of the most expensive car in the Netherlands quickly got tired of his car

It’s pretty obvious to everyone: when you finally receive your Bugatti Chiron, it’s not what you expected. Unlike the Zalando shirt, you can’t stick a return label on the carbon fiber bottom of this car and send it off. And it’s not like you keep it in the cupboard for when you ‘need something that can get dirty’. And so the most expensive car in the Netherlands was quickly sold and shipped again. Two years later we hear the reason for the quick sale.

Inside of 500 quotes-podcast My First Million he tells entrepreneur Jasper van Rooij about, among other things, the purchase of his Bugatti Chiron. With a new price of 3.7 million euros, this car was at the top of our article on the most expensive car ever registered on a Dutch license plate in 2021. Remember this article for a moment. For example, the carbon fiber rear view was an option costing more than 223,000 euros and the skylight was more than 60,000 euros. You can recognize the Chiron Sport by the picture with ‘YOLO’ on the frunk.

Why did he buy a Chiron?

The entrepreneur came up with all sorts of theories as to why he needed to have a large fleet of cars, as he explains: ‘I had a garage and it couldn’t fit many cars. Then you say: ok, I want to have a car in every category. So you need that perfect sports car, the Chiron. And every car collection includes a Ferrari. And yes, the Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabrio, that’s also part of it.’

Then he said he needed a few Minis, a car for the dog, a car for the driver and a van if he had to go to Schiphol. Oh, and then the kids want to do some driving every now and then. “You correct that for yourself, because that’s what the people around you do, so that’s what you’re going to do,” he admits. A clever example of straight talking that is deviant, which everyone with a car hobby will recognize.

Why did he sell the Chiron again so quickly?

‘I got back to that Bugatti very quickly. Because I bought it, it was delivered, I drove it for an hour and in that week I was on all kinds of Instagram pages, social networks and a week later the list of the 10 most expensive cars ever registered in the Netherlands was published and there. I was number one. So I sold it, within a month, I drove it for an hour,” he says.

We told you to remember the article, right? The owner thought the car had too many magnets. The brand new Bugatti driver knocked on the door of Bernhards Exclusives in Woerden and managed to find a buyer abroad. A luxury dealer tells Top Gear Netherlands that there were less than 20 kilometers on the odometer when the Bugatti Chiron was exported.

The car is back in Holland

“I think he was about to break even in the car,” Bernhard Exclusives tells us. For those who think we are abusing Bugattis across the border with our listings, we have good news: the car is now back in Holland. With approximately 3,500 kilometers on the odometer, it can now be yours for 4,399,950 euros – and again from the same dealer. It turns out that we’ve been misunderstanding depreciation all these years.

A small warning from the first owner: ‘If you drive like that, it doesn’t make any sense at all, because you’ll get passed, people hang out (of the car), that’s not my thing.’ When Jasper goes to the municipality for real estate matters, he still likes to take his wife’s Mini, because according to the entrepreneur it ‘doesn’t work’ if you drive with a very big box.

Now there’s a new ‘most expensive car in the Netherlands’

The entrepreneur’s Bugatti Chiron Sport has now been overtaken by another Chiron. Bugatti Chiron l’Ébé came to the Netherlands in 2022, where the brand creates only three copies. This is the first car in the Netherlands with a license plate price of more than 4 million euros. This car may not come out often, because as far as we know, a Bugatti with 24 carat gold plated parts has never been seen ‘in the wild’.