The Thunder Motorcycle Rally returns on Sunday June 11 in Ancy-le-Franc

The Thunder Motorcycle Rally returns on Sunday June 11 in Ancy-le-Franc

The Thunder Motorcycle Rally will return to the pavement on Sunday June 11. For this 2023 edition, lovers of stylish mechanics will meet on the Place de la Paix, in the municipal park of Ancy-le-Franc and on the streets of Tonnerrois.

This meeting has been established in five years. “It’s not a beauty contest,” says José Ponsard, one of the organizers. The purpose is not to compare pistols, but to spend time together in good spirits and above all to share enthusiasm and discuss in a good mood. All to the sound of a rock band, usually at noon. An idea that works well as, every year, hundreds of cars arrive from all over France and almost as many motorbikes.

2022 version in the picture

There is something for every style. We expect asphalt ladies, vintage cars, a large number of young people, who rocked the childhood of more than 50 years, but also a few big and other GT cars like Porsches, Maseratis and Lamborghinis. Cyclists will not be left behind as many Japanese, American, German or Italian machines (125 cm). 3 minimum) are announced.


All the clubs around two-wheeled and four-wheeled motorcycles in this sector are mobilized for the event: Vieux Pistons, Tonnerre mechanical passion, Tonnerre and Virotine bikers, the Vireaux festival committee, which is the origin of this festival. “Several clubs in this region and even elsewhere have already announced their arrival. It is also open to individuals”, notes José Ponsard, who is also the mayor of Vireaux.

An opportunity also for many Tonnerrois to get out of their garage “their treasure”, hidden for a good part of the year under the canvas.

You cannot imagine the number of collectors within a 50 km radius around Tonnerre. Since people are not there to worry and there is no judgment, they dare to participate.

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Registration is open for a few days.

The idea is also to make several of the participants discover the heritage. “We have planned trips through as many villages as possible, so that the outbound workers can discover the amazing landscapes and places.” The start and end of this loop will be in Ancy-le-Franc. Departure will be scheduled in the morning to avoid traffic congestion at Place de la Paix. In the afternoon, a second loop, this time shorter, will be given with a parade in the old capital of the canton.

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