These are the reasons for FIA

These are the reasons for FIA

( – The FIA ​​rejected Ferrari’s protest at the Formula 1 race in Monaco. The Scuderia had launched a protest against the Red Bull duo of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez because, according to the team, they should have crossed the yellow line when leaving the pit lane.

Red Bull can keep their first and third place


In the following, we analyze which arguments Ferrari relies on and why the protest was ultimately rejected.

Commissioners around Garry Connelly, Andrew Mallalieu, Jean-Francois Calmes and Derek Warwick were gathered at 7:15 pm with two sports directors Jonathan Wheatley (Red Bull) and Inaki Rueda (Ferrari) and FIA race director Eduardo Freitas to protest. Ferrari discuss – all protests at the same time.

Ferrari claimed that on Lap 23 Max Verstappen had parts of his left front and rear tire on the tarmac to the left of the yellow line, contrary to the so-called “Incident Notes” issued by the race officials before the incident.

The team also referred to cases – such as Yuki Tsunoda at Spielberg 2021 – where penalties were imposed on matching drivers. And: Ferrari made it clear that the event details specify how the teams should perform and that they must follow them, even if they conflict with the FIA’s International Sporting Regulations.

Red Bull argued that Verstappen was still on the right side of the yellow line and that there was no violation of the International Sporting Regulations.

Monaco: Perez can keep the victory after the protest!

We explain why the FIA ​​dismissed both Ferrari’s protests against Red Bull. Confirmed as Monaco Grand Prix winner: Perez. More Formula 1 videos

At the same time the race officials noted that Article 5 of Appendix L, which deals with pit exit behavior, has been changed from 2021 to 2022. The event description, on the other hand, is only a copy of the 2021 version that has not been modified by changes in the Appendix L.

All parties agreed that Verstappen had sections of his left front and rear tires to the left of the yellow line, but that most of the wheels were still on the yellow line. Sergio Perez’s case was closed immediately as Ferrari realized he was wheeling on the right side of the line.

In Verstappen’s case, after reviewing a similar case of Lance Stroll 2021, race officials made six conclusions:

1. Clause 2.1 of the 2022 Formula 1 Sporting Regulations provides that “all […] leaders […] promise to comply with all the provisions of the Law […] principles, […] of the rules of the game […] considered”.
2. This obliges the race director (and stewards) to adhere to these rules.
3. Therefore, the description of the event given by the race director cannot contradict the International Sporting Code or the Sporting Rules of Formula 1.
4. Article 5 c) of Chapter IV of Appendix L of the Code states that a car cannot cross the line when leaving the pit lane.
5. In this case the car did not “cross” the line – to do so it would have to have the whole wheel to the left of the yellow line.
6. Therefore, the Rider has not breached the relevant section of the Rules and this takes precedence over any interpretation of the Event Notes.

Therefore, the protest has been rejected.