This Chinese manufacturer of electric cars arrives in Europe with many models and a factory

This Chinese manufacturer of electric cars arrives in Europe with many models and a factory

Although it plans to sell its electric cars in Europe soon, Chery will also produce them here. The Chinese brand is actually preparing the opening of its factory in Europe, which will allow its cars to qualify for the ecological bonus in France.

Luxeed S7 // Source : Luxeed

If you don’t know Chery yet, don’t worry because it’s completely normal. And for good reason, if was established in 1997not for sale here at the moment.

New factory in Europe

However, it might not be too long since we’ve been hearing it for a while now. The company, which is actually a group based in Wuhu, China, owns several brands, such as Exeed, Jaecoo or Luxeed to name just a few. And now some of them should soon arrive on the Old Continent.

This will also be the case for Omoda and Exlantix, three that show very different and more or less high positions. And the first models to be sold in Europe should arrive time of year, without further details at this time. Apart from the fact that the Omoda 5 should be the first car to set foot on our land. But that’s not all, because the Chery group does not want to do things by halves, on the contrary.

A few weeks ago, we announced that the company will expand its teams in Europe. But that’s not all, because he also plans build your electric cars here. And we already know in which country this factory will be located, which unfortunately will not be located in France. British Corporation Reuters shows that it is Spain which would be chosen and a group of Chinese, as confirmed by the government.

The production site will be located in Barcelona and the agreement should be to be signed in the next few days, according to the Ministry of Industry. For its part, Chery has not yet discussed the issue, but the Catalan government indicates that one of its representatives will go to China to meet with the manufacturer’s management.

Real financial assets

The Asian brand managed to keep the secret for a long time, although this project was still unknown a few weeks earlier. However, the project was under consideration for some time. Reuters reminds us that last March, Chery would be start negotiations with the Italian government, but it would have little feedback. This is how the election fell to Spain, which seems to be more enthusiastic.

In turn, our transalpine neighbor may soon organize the production of Leapmotor vehicles, as part of the agreement signed with the Stellantis group. But Poland was chosen first to assemble a small T03 that we were able to test. For several months, many Chinese manufacturers have been turning to Europe to set up their factories.

This is especially the case of BYD, which has chosen Hungary, while MG also plans to establish on the Old Continent. Of course, this is not a crime, and it can allow Asian cars deprived of the ecological bonus eligible again. In addition, this significantly reduces material costs as well as delivery times.