This is the first specification of an electric Range Rover

This is the first specification of an electric Range Rover

Welcome to the future of luxury SUVs. Just come in and enjoy the silence. And with as much power as before. The upcoming Range Rover is electric and has the same power as RaRo’s ‘flagship’, the Range Rover V8. So the power of the electric Range Rover will be 615 hp, like the Range Rover SV P615 with a turbo V8 of 4.4 liters.

According to the developers, the electric Range Rover continues to ‘set a new standard’. Will the SV 0-100 time – 4.5 seconds – also be beaten? Unfortunately we don’t know, as Range Rover is careful about sharing information at this stage. The brand, which is now its own brand like Defender, is already showing some enhanced images.

What else do we know about the electric Range Rover?

The EV aims to be ‘the quietest and most refined Range Rover ever built’, the makers say. The ‘Modular Longitudinal Architecture’ platform is used for this. There is already a prototype of the electric Range Rover that is currently being tested. And how: test programs take place at -40 degrees Celsius in Sweden and 50 degrees Celsius in Dubai.

“Globally we are seeing the highest level of customer inquiries in our 53-year history,” Range Rover CEO Geraldine Ingham said. Starting today you can join the waiting list for the Range Rover EV. Sometime next year you may be one of the first to place an order.