Toyota makes way for a manual gearbox in a hybrid car

Toyota makes way for a manual gearbox in a hybrid car

As with the fax machine, it appears that manual transmission is being overtaken by technology. With electric and hybrid cars, it will soon no longer be necessary to manually change gears. However, Toyota wants to continue to allow the driver to change gears in electric cars and hybrid cars. Toyota submits patent for hybrid vehicles with manual transmission.

Last year, Toyota introduced a simulation of the transition to electric vehicles. So you can safely switch on the highway or do a traffic light sprint in sixth gear. The shifting mechanism works differently in hybrid vehicles. It’s a very complicated story, but the bottom line is that the three-cylinder clutch is connected to the clutch pedal and to the on-board computer through the transfer valve.

Shift without hitches in Toyota hybrid with manual gearbox

The ECU is activated so that you have control of the gearbox when you press the leftmost pedal. The computer also ensures that the conversion takes place without hitches. It can also intervene when it thinks you should press the clutch pedal, such as when you come to a stop. So you don’t have to use the link, but you can.

Toyota also has the idea of ​​creating a driving mode where the on-board computer does not help. As a driver, you are in full control of the gears and drive like in the good old days. The Toyota concept was released in August 2021, but the documents were not published until February of this year. As with all patents, the question is whether the brand will actually use it. Fingers crossed all!