Transiberico, day 4: Yamaha ahead of Honda and Husqvarna / Rally Raid World Championship

Transiberico, day 4: Yamaha ahead of Honda and Husqvarna / Rally Raid World Championship

Since the factory withdrawal in February 2022, Yamaha has not taken a decisive role in the meeting. In the BP Ultimate Transiberico, Antonio Maio captured victory on Stage 5 on the WR450 Rally.

The former protagonists of Transiberico 2024 took a short break on the fifth stage, because the priority of Tosha Schhereina (Honda) and Sebastian Bühler (Hero) was not in danger of failure. The 253km long special stage in Extremadura was the fastest so far and the rocky and dry terrain put a lot of strain on the tyres.

Schareina in particular set the pace most of the time, closely followed by Bühler and Antonio Maio. It was only in the last 100 kilometers that the two factory riders picked up the pace and the Yamaha rider set the fastest time of 2:39:44. It was the Portuguese’s first stage win, which put him fourth in the rally standings.

“I loved the stage. I’ve never ridden here before, but the stage was amazing, fast, slippery and just to my liking,” Maio highlighted. “I had to attack from the start, but with a safe driving style, and I didn’t make any mistakes. I made the tire choice with these two steps in mind and I think that had an effect.”

Adrian van Beveren (Honda) came second, Rally2 driver Bruno Santos third on a Husqvarna.

Schareina enters Sunday’s fifth and final stage with a solid lead of 4:33 minutes over Bühler and 8:16 minutes over Santos as the favorite for the overall victory.

Rally Transiberico 2024 – provisional results stage 4
Pos Driver (national) Motorcycle Time (hh:mm:ss) Strafe (hh:mm)
1. Antonio Maio (PRT) Yamaha 2:39:44
2. Adrien van Beveren (FRA) Honda 2:40:13
3. Santos Santos (PRT) Husqvarna 2:40:19
4. Skyler Howes (USA) Honda 2:41:49
5. Tosha Schareina (ESP) Honda 2:42:04
6. Bradley Cox (ZAF) KTM 2:42:07
7. Sebastian Bühler (DEU) Hero 2:42:53
8. Ross Branch (BWA) Hero 2:43:32
9. Lorenzo Santolino (ESP) Sherco 2:43:33
10. Edgar Canet (L) KTM 2:44:11
11. Romain Dumontier (FRA) Husqvarna 2:45:36
12. Ventura Martim (PRT) KTM 2:45:41
13. Mathieu Doveze (FRA) KTM 2:45:56
14. Harith Noah Koitha Veettil (IND) Sherco 2:46:44
15. Jeanloup Lepan (FRA) KTM 2:47:34
Rally Transiberico 2024 – provisional status after stage 4
Pos Driver (national) Motorcycle Time (hh:mm:ss) Strafe (hh:mm)
1. Tosha Schareina (ESP) Honda 9:12:23
2. Sebastian Bühler (DEU) Hero 9:16:56 0:04
3. Santos Santos (PRT) Husqvarna 9:20:39
4. Antonio Maio (PRT) Yamaha 9:24:17 0:06
5. Skyler Howes (USA) Honda 9:25:51
6. Adrien van Beveren (FRA) Honda 9:27:20 0:12
7. Lorenzo Santolino (ESP) Sherco 9:30:18
8. Ross Branch (BWA) Hero 9:31:16 0:02
9. Pablo Quintanilla (CHL) Honda 9:40:59
10. Edgar Canet (L) KTM 9:41:28 0:12
11. Bradley Cox (ZAF) KTM 9:42:17 0:20
12. Mathieu Doveze (FRA) KTM 9:47:31
13. Romain Dumontier (FRA) Husqvarna 9:48:20 0:02
14. Pablo Jeremias Pascual (ARG) Husqvarna 9:55:42
15. Alexandre Vaudan (CHE) KTM 10:13:54