Try the Dodge RAM 1500 2019

Try the Dodge RAM 1500 2019


Of course you have encountered the Ram 1500 on our roads – it is also hard to miss due to its disgusting size. This massive import arrives on our continent through so-called parallel importers. There are many of these in Europe, but only three of them are happy to be recognized and supported by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), Dodge and Ram: AEC Europe, AGT and, since October 2017, also by (Klintberg) . & Vehicle Route). KWA is part of the Swedish Hedin group, which already owns a few Mercedes agreements in our country.

To be clear: this is still imported under license, since KWA is an independent company. FCA accreditation means that this company meets the quality standards and various other requirements of the FCA group, including in the field of harmonization, manufacture and spare parts. But KWA also offers services, such as solid warranty (2 years or 100,000 kilometers) or various FCA group sponsorship products.

What is changing

With Twins you bring a piece of America to your home. This fifth generation of model, which has been on the market in its country of origin for several months, is much larger than its predecessor. The two-cab pick-up extends its body from 5.81 meters (QuadCab) to 5.92 meters (CrewCab, with multiple rear seats). Although it still closely resembles its predecessor, you can recognize the 2019 model year of the Ram 1500 with its redesigned front frame with better LED lights.

The model still stands at the bottom of the ladder, but today most of it (preferably 98 percent) is made of steel with a high tensile strength, making it stiff and light at the same time. Compared to its predecessor, the pick-up is reduced by 100 kg (45 kg which only comes from the chassis), but still weighs 2.4 tons. In order to remain a light commercial vehicle, the Ram 1500 is not allowed to be towed by us more than 3.5 tons (compared to 5.8 tons in the United States), as are many ‘small’ European and Japanese cars in our market. And he can’t take much more in his body than those opponents: just about 1,100 kg maximum.

Ram stands on the front axle with the wheels suspended freely and on the solid rear axle, which is suspended by coil springs. They are slightly harder than the leaf springs that are further filtered on the market. The pinnacle of improvement is that Ram can even be ordered by air springs. It can also be fitted with many driver assistance systems, such as an active marine transport controller, automatic emergency brake or automatic parking assistant.

How he runs

In the United States, the new Ram continues to feature its V6 and V8 gasoline, as well as the Diesel version, and the 3.0 V6 from VM Motori which can also be found in the Jeep Grand Cherokee. However, the engine has not been ordered from us and we can only choose the 5.7-V8 Hemi with 395 hp, which is connected as usual with an eight-speed automatic transmission from ZF. Nice combination and pleasant sound: The V8 sets quietly at low tones and rumbles louder as you press the right pedal.

Percentage calculations, however, will hear the sound of change that disappears at the fuel pump at every speed … And it is okay, because consumption plays easily with 20 l / 100 km. That four out of eight cylinders cut under a small load does not do much for that general thirst. Ram also offers an e-Torque version, with a 48-volt power network and an alternative launcher. This small hybrid converts slow-moving energy into electricity to reduce V8 in its function.

In anticipation of that, we will be forced to drive with an egg under the acceleration pedal. That’s fine, because this mastodon has excellent taste and quiet driving style. The suspended comfort of the air fountains is amazing. On our short experimental course, which ran at full pitch, we did not see the slightest vibration of the hard rear axle. Also in bends the car will sway slightly than you expect. Okay, Ram dives under the brakes, rolls around, and rises down sharply, but does not overheat. Only the brakes give us very early towels: after a few sharp corners, our Sheep breathes with steam hoofs.

After this sports exercise, our colossus was allowed to bathe in the dirt and show off his abilities on an off-road course. Its size does not facilitate this kind of practice between trees and stones – the image of the proverbial elephant in a china shop is never far away. But Ram pulls himself out well. It can rely on good pulling power thanks to a four-wheel drive with a controlled clutch (from BorgWarner) that can operate according to different programs: rear wheel drive, 4×4 Auto, 4×4 Lock (with a proportional torque distribution in the front. . and rear axles) and 4×4 Lock with short speed, and on top of that even the possibility of installing variations on the swingarm. Five-dimensional air springs can increase ground clearance up to 27.3 inches, with the car’s belly protected by a thick metal plate.


Fortunately, because this luxury colony costs a lot of money: prices for KWA fluctuate between 63,755 and 82,217 euros including VAT. But heavy and expensive pick-up is considered a light commercial vehicle and therefore enjoys a preferential tax rate with us: no BIV, average annual tax calculated on the basis of high weight, no ecomalus in Wallonia and interesting. tax deductions for companies …

our decision

With his hats fit for pedestrians, attractive dimensions and very high usage, Ram is undoubtedly politically incorrect with us and will make the ‘green’ red with rage. He will soon be unable to win the owners of a luxury German SUV. But this picture may be more appealing to those people who have a American Dream appreciation. Much more for this reason the exotic colossus is also impressive with its luxury and suspension comfort. In short, whether you like it or not, this bride will not leave anyone indifferent …