Unusual.  Do you want to produce your car in a limited fashion?  It is possible

Unusual. Do you want to produce your car in a limited fashion? It is possible

We are all big kids. Who hasn’t had a few Solido, Majorette, Dinky or Hot Wheels toys in their toy box? It is especially the last one, which is organizing a very original competition, for the first time in France. The Legends Wheels Tour is looking for a car, maybe yours, that deserves to be covered in Hot Wheels miniatures and molded in 1:64 scale. We went to meet one of the candidates.

And Nicolas Laperruque
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The Hot Wheels Legends Tour has been traveling the world since 2018 in search of one-of-a-kind special cars, worthy of being covered in Hot Wheels miniatures and molded in 1:64 scale.

This tour, organized for six years around the world, has become an unmissable event, which now extends to eighteen countries.

The competition gives car enthusiasts, one-of-a-kind builders and Hot Wheels collectors a unique opportunity to take their creations out of the garage and into the public eye.

For the first time in France

Since February, the jury has been searching for a car that will embody the spirit of Hot Wheels.

Participating vehicles are judged according to precise criteria that will assess their originality, their creativity and their level of customization. To participate, each vehicle must be homologated in France and show proof of conversion work.

There are no make or model criteria, all vehicles are encouraged to participate, regardless of size, model or customization method!

In Lezoux, Pierre customized his Volkswagen Oval beetle. This car makes both young and old smile, and impresses with its originality. Photo of Hot Wheels

The grand finale at the 24 Hours of Le Mans

After receiving hundreds of applications from all over France, the jury will meet

in a few days to choose three unique cars that will participate in the French Grand Final, which will take place from June 6 to 11, during the 100 Years of the 24 Hours

Men. This tricolor final will determine the competitor who will face off against finalists from other participating countries during the international grand finale in the United States to try and win the ultimate prize: seeing their car transformed into an authentic limited-edition Hot Wheels car.

Alexandre presents his unique De Lorean. Photo of Hot Wheels

Hundreds of candidates

The competition seems to have had its effect on French privatization and privatization enthusiasts. Indeed, the American brand is talking about several hundred requests from all over France.

Among these candidates, we find very different profiles. Alexandre presents a unique example of De Lorean. For the first time, the rear engine of the De Lorean, the V6 PRV, has been replaced by a V8 from the Corvette!

Stan Chevriau, from La Roche sur Foron, spent more than six years converting his Ford. In Lezoux, Pierre customized his Volkswagen Oval beetle. Alexandre Claudin, in Neuville sur Saône converted his old 1968 Dodge Charger into a sled.

On the program, a new chassis and a 1000 horsepower corvette engine. But who said toy cars were just for boys?

Diane from the Watata group wants to see her car in miniature. Photo by Diane Hager

Diane, in love with her Honda

Among these candidates, there is a young woman, Diane Hager, who comes to us from Grignan. A car enthusiast since childhood, he has customized his car for his own pleasure and for those who meet him.

“Since I was young, I have been a lover of motorcycles and cars. I got my first small motorcycle when I was four years old. When I played Barbies, it was only because they chased Ferraris. I bought my Honda CRX twelve years ago. It is a big deception. Ever since I got this car, I have been modifying it to make my friends and people on the street laugh. It’s a mix of 80s nostalgia, passion and fun. explains Diane.

A unique car

“The idea is to make a big kid’s car. So when I saw this competition, which allowed to make a small car, I said to myself that it was perfect. adds Diana. “My Honda CRX receives phase 2 front and rear bumpers, special rims worn with tires thin, low suspension, fender flares, but also an XXL cake scooper!” our pilot explains with a laugh.

“At night, you can turn the street into a dance floor!” Diane adds: “You’ll understand, we refuse to take ourselves seriously.” The state of mind that a young woman shares with her friends within the Watata community, according to the principle of “The more the merrier”. Diane shows us that the love of cars has no boundaries, no gender and that we are all big kids. And that we love!

The 3 finalists of the Hot Wheels Legends Tour France are:

Unique of its kind, this car modified from an old Mercedes, embodies its owner’s personal and family project that was born 25 years ago. Guillaume Mennesson, 43, a school teacher, built this traditional car called “Soxle”, in honor of his great-grandfather. Created from his sketches, this Mercedes with clean and retro-futuristic lines, has an unusual bodywork.

This handmade Hot Rod is the culmination of a project between friends that began ten years ago. Intended for a first life in stock car competition, the then Renault 4L was fully restored in 2020 by Sébastien, 28, and his father Joël, mechanics from father to son. European-made changes, from paint to engine. Handcrafted parts from its 2.3L Ford V6 engine, to the tank in the trunk, including a roof that has been lowered and extended.

The “Golgoth I” Bellytank is a car designed in the Lakesters and post-war Bellytank series, historically designed for beach racing, more specifically the Normandy Beach Race for our candidate. Car lover, Thibault Lagardère, 43
years old, an architect by profession, modifies cars in his garage as a hobby.