USA.  The modern aircraft carrier USS Gerald Ford began maneuvering  World news

USA. The modern aircraft carrier USS Gerald Ford began maneuvering World news

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The USS Gerald Ford is a nuclear powered ship with a displacement of 100,000 tons. He is full new technology and designed to prepare weapons that are still under development. It is 335 meters tall and cost more than 13 billion dollars to build. The design of the aircraft carrier began in 2009. As CNN reminds us, the ship was deployed in 2017 under the presidency of Donald Trump.

A modern American ship has left port. He will participate in water exercises

The USS Gerald Ford has the most advanced technology compared to other units of this type. The ship uses, for example, the EMALS electromagnetic system, which is used for launching the bird. According to the US Navy, this system puts less strain on the aircraft during takeoff.

The aircraft carrier also has a dual-band radar. It is the only unit of this class that has such equipment. The ship is being modified to have more sophisticated weapons, such as directed energy weapons, electromagnetic weapons and laser weapons.

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The USS Gerald Ford departed Norfolk, Virginia on Tuesday. Within a few weeks, it will participate in naval maneuvers in eight partner countries United Statesie Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and Sweden.

“The USS Gerald Ford has sailed to demonstrate its lethal capabilities in all areas,” said Admiral Daryl Caudle, Commander of the US Navy.

According to the US Navy, the exercise will focus on anti-aircraft defense, anti-submarine warfare, mine countermeasures and amphibious operations. 9 thousand people will participate in them. troops, 20 warships and 60 aircraft.