Used Cupra Formentor – reviews, technical data, faults

Used Cupra Formentor – reviews, technical data, faults

If someone has a lot of family expenses and is looking for an affordable and hassle-free car that will take everyone and transport them from home to school or on vacation, the Cupra Formentor is an attractive proposition. What do you think about this model?

There are many crossovers on the market in various classes, but only a small number of them can be attractive for a long time. However, there are a few gems that stand above average, and this is not limited to top shelf models. Cupra Formentor is distinguished by excellent proportions and aggressive linesthat attract attention. Even if you choose the basic version with the TSI 1.5 engine with a power of 150 HP, a little effort is enough to make it look unique. Basically, when setting it up, all you had to do was add an optional color, preferably with a matte finish, and a set of 19-inch rims to get a car that would attract the attention of almost every passerby. Of course, in the case of versions VZ, with a powerful 2-liter TSI engine and 310 HP, there were more customization options. Is it worth paying attention to this model when you are looking for a car on the secondary market? Let’s get to know the Cupra Formentor better.

Cupra Formentor back
In the top variant of the VZ5, the rear is decorated with a diffuser and four exhaust tips in an unusual arrangement.

Used Cupra Formentor – dimensions, body

It’s no secret that the described model is one of the most beautiful C-section crossovers on the market. The front of the car is attractive with its powerfully designed bumper, thin headlight lenses and multiple air intakes. The side line looks very smooth and looks muscular, especially with a distinct emphasis on the rear wheel. The rear of the car is dominated by an attractive LED light strip, which runs across its entire width. The mirror on the trunk lid is of normal size, which results in less rear visibility. Below we will find bumper and many decorated items, a dummy diffuser and four exhaust tips in the top versions. In the most common versions of the engine, the bumper is placed under the decorative dummy exhausts. The Cupra Formentor is impressive with its looks, though You can see the similarity in the example of Leon, but many interactions and additions make it stand out, giving it a unique character. Regarding the measurements, The Formentor is 4,450 mm long, 1,839 mm wide and 1,528 mm tall. The wheelbase is 2680 mm.

Cupra Formentor przód
Matte blue color, brass accessories, muscular silhouette – Formentor looks very good.

Used Cupra Formentor – interior, trunk

Inside the car we will find much more features similar to the aforementioned Leon. This of course has its advantages as well unique design and small character. However, there are also some disadvantages, because almost all functions are controlled by touch. The seats, although they look sporty and rather hard, provide exceptional comfort, even during long journeys. The interior is black, finished with ecological leather and Alcantara inserts, with copper and gray accents, make an unforgettable impression. You can also come across version with blue upholstery, and even performance seats in the higher engine versions. In other places you can find equipment of poor quality, sometimes the fit is not perfect, but it is difficult to have a major objection from a general point of view.

Cupra Formentor cockpit
The cockpit looks large, minimalist, modern and effective, but the ease of use leaves something to be desired.

Of course, there are some limitations in the way of operation many tasks such as seat heating, direction adjustment and air conditioning. All this is done through the touch screen, while controlling the temperature or volume requires using the panel below the screen. Unfortunately, this panel is not backlit, which makes it difficult to adjust these basic parameters after dark. There is plenty of space and travel comfort, although the person sitting in the middle back will not be the most comfortable – the central seat is raised significantly, while the central tunnel protrudes slightly and interferes with driving. The trunk capacity is from 450 to 1475 liters (after folding the back seats of the sofa).

Used Cupra Formentor – engine

It would seem that the engine version would closely match the character of the brand and include more powerful engines. It is completely different, and the choice of engine can be surprising. On offer is the top type VZ5 with five-cylinder engine 2.5 TSI with 390 HP. This is, of course, the most expensive version, which will be rare on the secondary market, and if you find it, the price may exceed the amount you would spend on a new car. Next is the variety VZ with a 2.0 TSI engine with a power of 310 HP and a torque of 400 Nm. The performance is amazing – the sprint to 100 km/h takes less than 5 seconds and the top speed is 250 km/h. Average fuel consumption is 8.4 l/100 km. The motorized version is equally powerful, though not as strong 2.0 TSI with 245 HPand if someone wants a four-wheel drive but doesn’t need a sporty feel, they can choose the 190-horsepower version.

Cupra Formentor silnik
The top version of the TSI 2.0 engine produces 310 HP. Driving goes to all wheels.

A starting example is 1.5 TSI with 150 HP and manual or DSG automatic transmission and front-wheel drive. This version may also seem aggressive after the restyling, but the power of 150 HP and torque of 250 Nm, with good dynamics, guarantees a fuel consumption of about 6.6 l/100 km in the combined cycle. For those who want to save money, there is also a diesel engine 2.0 TDI with 150 HP and 340 Nm torque, which guarantees fuel consumption of 4.7 l/100 km. It is also worth paying attention to plug hybrids, ie 1.4 TSI e-Hybrid has a power of 204 or 245 KM.

Cupra Formentor silnik
The VZ5 engine not only produces 390 HP, which guarantees incredible performance, but also has a wonderful, characteristic sound.

Used Cupra Formentor – user reviews


“Wonderful style in various color combinations.”

“Very well designed and spacious interior.”

“A large selection of engines from 150 to almost 400 HP (also with four-wheel drive).”

“Good performance, pleasant driving and reasonable fuel consumption in base versions.”


“The trunk could be bigger (low-slope tailgate).”

“The DSG gearbox can shake from time to time, and the top versions are fuel hungry.”

“Touch control of almost all features can be activated.”

“In the interior we will find several areas with poor quality equipment.”

Used Cupra Formentor – failure rate, common faults

Overall, the Formentor is a solid car and is enthusiastically bought by people who love cars and take care of their cars. It’s worth it before you buy, of course check the interior for signs of wear and rims, which are often damaged after contact with curbs. You should also make sure that all the electronics work as they should and that the temperature control touch panels work quickly, smoothly and without any jams. Initially, there was a big problem with the freezing system among others to control volume, change radio stations, etc. After a few updates, the situation improved, but it is worth checking and asking the owner if he has updated the system. It was too several service campaigns, including: related to the Frontline Support system and fasten seat belts.

Cupra Formentor touch panel
The touch panel below the screen does not always work well, and the lack of backlight makes it difficult to work at night.

Used Cupra Formentor – where is the VIN number?

The VIN number in the Cupra Formentor is located on the right shock absorber mount, behind the windshield in its lower left corner, and also on the A-pillar near the door hinges on the passenger side.

Cupra Formentor VIN

Used Cupra Formentor – market condition, price

On the day of publication, there were about 140 ads about the Cupra Formentor on the website. For example, a 2021 model with a TSI 2.0 engine with a power of 310 HP and a mileage of 30,000 km costs about PLN 179,000. For about PLN 135,000 you can get a 2022 model with a mileage of 145,000 km and a TSI 1.5 engine with 150 HP.

Used Cupra Formentor – overview

If one is looking for a luxurious, fun-to-drive SUV that… It is not necessary to give space to family and performance Cupra Formentor would be the perfect choice. Many versions to choose from, attractive configurationsattractive exterior styling and attractive interior, and what’s more A large selection on the secondary market.

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Cupra Formentor book

Cupra Formentor – dimensions, trunk capacity
Height width height 445/183/152 cm
The base of the wheels 268 centimeters
Stem capacity 450-1475 l
Cupra Formentor – technical data, performance, fuel consumption (selected engines)
Engine 1.5 TSI 2.0 TSI 2.0 TSI (VZ) 2.5 TSI (VZ5) 2.0 TDI 1.4 TSI e-Hybrid
Ability 1498 cm³ 1984 cm³ 1984 cm³ 2480 cm³ 1968 cm³ 1395 cm³
Oil Benz. turbo Benz. turbo Benz. turbo Benz. turbo turbodiesel benz turbo + electric.
High power 150 km 190 KM 310 KM 390 KM 150 km 245 KM
Max. minutes 250 Nm 320 Nm 400 Nm 480 Nm 360 Nm 400 Nm
0-100 km/h 8, 9 ch 7, 1 ch 4, 9 ch 4, 2 ch 8, 6 ch 7.0 s
High speed 203 km / h 220 km / h 250 km/h 250 km / h 203 km / h 210 km/h
Wednesday. fuel consumption 6.6 l/100 km 7.5 l/100 km 8.4 l/100 km 9.3 l/100 km 5.7 l/100 km 8.5 l/100 km

Used Cupra Formentor – gallery