Used Dacia Dokker – reviews, technical data, faults

Used Dacia Dokker – reviews, technical data, faults

Does a car with everything have to cost a lot of money? Dacia Dokker is a good example that when expectations are not very high, a universal car can cost very little. What is the opinion about this car and is it worth considering buying?

Dacia has never been a dream carbut that was not his business. It is an alternative to a vehicle for moving around, transporting family, luggage, and all this in a non-modern form for good money. Imagine a person who owns a small business that sells wholesale flowers, office supplies, or provides catering services. He is not a rich man, but he works long and hard to support the whole family. He cannot afford to buy two cars for the family and for the company, so he needs a car that can handle everything, ie will meet the needs of the company, and after work will take the owner and his family and luggage for shopping or a weekend break. Dacia Dokker fits perfectly in this situation. It is not so expensive and modern that it would be a shame to use it in the company, but on the other hand. it has everything to ensure relative comfort for the family while traveling. In the right version, eg Stepway, it can even look attractive and fit into the lifestyle.

Dacia Dokker - back
The boxy van-like silhouette has its advantages – plenty of space inside even for tall people.

Used Dacia Dokker – dimensions, body

What is Dacia – everyone can see. It is an affordable car and the designers had one goal – to save where possible. It is stylistically correct quite neat by such dimensions and parts, but apart from the mentioned version of Stepway, there is nothing to keep an eye on. Large lampshades without lines, smooth lines and few embossing, long and thin silhouettemany black and colorless elements (even in the standard version, not Stepway), small rims and large profile tires. It’s not a good car – let’s be honest. But is that the most important thing about it? No, because nobody buys a Dacia to show off in town. The car should be unknown, but it works and it works here. If someone wants a little more aesthetics, they should reach for the version Stepway, which is slightly similar to the Dokker Duster model. It doesn’t get the off-road features, but a lot of overlays and fenders add to the overall expression, they can also be useful from time to time, e.g. protect the paint from abrasions in the parking lot. Regarding the measurements, The Romanian station wagon is 4,363 mm long, 1,751 mm wide and 1,814 mm tall. The wheelbase is 2810 mm.

Dacia Docker - front
The Stepway version with a clear color looks better than the usual gray color.

Used Dacia Dokker – interior, trunk

What can you expect from Dokker’s interior? Spartan condition, cheap equipment and lack of many things that are common in other cars. The interior of the Dokker quickly shows where Dacia cut corners and the accountants reduced the style thoughtfully. After a few hours with the car you can understand that by buying this model, we trade quality for the ability to transport goods and people. Hard, rough plastic, exposed metal panels and visible welds and old Renault parts from the beginning of the 21st century creates a feeling of sadness. The driving position is typical of a van – you feel like you’re sitting on a stool, not a seat. Stepway models have their own interior trim that includes black seats and backrests decorated with blue stitching. The leather steering wheel was a nice touch, as were the rubber pedals. There is plenty of space, but this is mainly due to the very thin door panels and the lack of armrestsa, which does not “interfere” and does not take up space. The seats are soft and comfortable and for short distances they work well, but no lumbar support can be seen on long journeys.

As for service, it is we have an old fashioned panel controlled air conditioner with three knots. There is also an infotainment screen with optional navigation. There are also many compartments, shelves, handles and … that’s basically it. From the driver’s point of view, not everything is bad for a reason Renault allowed the use of good parts. For example, the window switches, turn signal levers and the radio controller behind the wheel are of decent quality. And although the aforementioned infotainment system is older than the Twingo, it’s very easy to use and … very convenient. There is no shortage of space on the bed, a three individual IsoFix mounts it is a big advantage. The trunk is large and even in a 5-seat configuration you have to try hard to fill it with luggage for the holidays. 800 liter capacity the level of the windows speaks for itself, and when we fold the seats (the seats can be raised), we get up to 3000 liters per roof. More than small cars!

Used Dacia Dokker – engine

The choice of drive units is surprisingly wide, although we are talking about engines with very moderate power. However, this does not change the fact that powerful ones are good for this car. With a full set of passengers and cargo, a little more power will come in handy. Before the facelift, the engine was being removed MPI 1.6 with 84 and 102 HP (98 HP with factory LPG installation). While the weaker one was good enough to drive with a light load, the stronger one with a torque of 156 Nm was able to cope with most conditions. Of course, with acceleration to a hundred in less than 13 seconds, there can be no sensation, but the average fuel consumption of 6.2 l / 100 km is quite good. The alternative is the engine 1.2 TCe with 115 hp and 190 Nm of torque and here it gets respectable (less than 11 seconds to a hundred). After the facelift, the engines appeared on offer 1.3 TCe with 102 and 130 hp. In the most powerful one, the torque reached 240 Nm, and the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h took 11.3 seconds, but in return the driver received a 6-speed manual transmission (5-speed for others).

Dacia Docker - engine
The 1.5 dCi engine with 90 HP is the optimal and standard solution, suitable for slow traffic on the road.

Diesel is an alternative to petrol engines 1.5 dCi (or later Blue dCi) with 75, 90 and 95 hp. More power, with a maximum torque of 220 Nm, accelerates Dacia Dokker from 0 to 100 km / h in 12.5 seconds and will enable it to reach a maximum speed of 168 km / h. These are also average values, but the average fuel consumption of 4.3 l / 100 km compensates for the shortcomings in dynamics and suits the economical, economical behavior of the car.

Used Dacia Dokker – user reviews


“An interesting style and character of the Stepway type.”

“Economic operating units and cost effective operation.”

“Lots of interior space, very large trunk.”

“Simplicity of design and access to spare parts.”


“Conservation and cost reduction can be seen almost everywhere.”

“Apart from the Stepway version, very average style.”

“Basic engines are underpowered.”

“Even after a few years of use, the interior can still look worn.”

Used Dacia Dokker – failure rate, common faults

It is difficult to expect a long life of Dacia Dokker and no problems and mistakes, but due to the fact that it is a very simple car without necessary equipment, the list of things that can go wrong is very short. In many models of this manufacturer there was a problem with the catalytic converters and fuel filters. When the engine runs unevenly and/or the color of the exhaust gas is very dark, it is worth checking the car in this regard. There are also many complaints corrosion problems (mainly copies from the beginning of production) and very thin and elegant lacquer coating. In addition, in some models, the ECU returns many random errors, sometimes for no reason. The problem may be sensors and damaged (eg with moisture) beams. Of course, it is also important to check the operation of all electrical components and the interior for damage or wear.

Dacia Docker - trunk
Models that have been used a lot and have paint scratches, eg near the trunk, may also have problems with the first rust spots.

Used Dacia Dokker – where is the VIN number?

The VIN number on the Dacia Dokker is located under the front A-pillar on the right side between the door fingers, and also on the B-pillar center on the right side on the plate under the door.

Dacia Docker - VIN

Used Dacia Dokker – market condition, price

On the day of publication, website had 140 ads about Dacia Dokker. You have to pay about PLN 23,000 for a copy from 2018 in the Laureate version with a 1.5 dCi engine with a mileage of 230,000 km.. We will pay PLN 40,000 for the Stepway version from 2015 and with a 1.2 TCe engine and a mileage of 150,000 km.

Used Dacia Dokker – overview

Dacia Dokker is not an attractive car when it comes to appearance, equipment or comfort, but it compensates for these arrears with low price, space and performance. For many people, it will be just a tool that combines practicality and space for the whole family. In the Stepway version, it can be an attractive proposition for those who need a lot of space and often go, for example, out of town for a picnic. Low price and operating costs are very important features of this proposal.

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Dacia Docker - side

Dacia Dokker – dimensions, boot capacity
height width height 436/175/181 cm
The base of the wheels 281 centimeters
Stem capacity 800-3000 l
Dacia Dokker – technical data, performance (selected petrol engines)
Engine MPI 1.6 1.6SCe LPG 1.6 Sce 1.2TCe 1.3TCe 1.3TCe
Ability 1598cc 1598cc 1598cc 1198cc 1333cc 1333cc
Oil gasoline petrol + LPG gasoline gasoline, turbo gasoline, turbo gasoline, turbo
strength hp84 98 KM 102 hp 115 hp 102 hp 130 hp
torque 134 Nm 150 Nm 156 Nm 190 Nm 200Nm 240Nm
Acceleration 0-100 km/h 14.3 seconds 13.2 seconds 12.7 seconds 10.8 seconds 13.2 seconds 11.3 seconds
speed 159 km / h 167 km / h 170 km / h 175 km / h 173 km / h 189 km/h
Wednesday. fuel consumption 7.5L/100km 8.1L/100km 6.2L/100km 5.7L/100km 7.2L/100km 7.2L/100km
Dacia Dokker – technical data, performance (selected diesel engines)
Engine 1.5dCi 1.5dCi 1.5dCi
Ability 1461 cc 1461 cc 1461 cc
Oil turbo diesel turbo diesel turbo diesel
strength 75 hp 90 KM 95 KM
torque 200Nm 220Nm 220Nm
Acceleration 0-100 km/h 15.1 seconds 13.3 seconds 12.5 seconds
speed 154 km / h 163 km/h 168 km/h
Wednesday. fuel consumption 4.2L/100km 4.2L/100km 4.3L/100km

Used Dacia Dokker – gallery